How to turn off the narrator in Minecraft Legends

Feel a little too micro-managed by the voices clogging up Minecraft Legends? Just need to concentrate on the game or hover over a place on the map without having Knowledge, Action, or Foresight speak to you like you're a child? Though you won't see a direct way to turn off the narrator in Minecraft Legends, there is a way. And it's very easy.

One of our gripes mentioned in our Minecraft Legends review boiled down to the Minecraft Legends voice actors infantilizing you, the player. You can't hover over the map or stand still for too long without one of the founders of the land making you seem like a child on their first world-saving adventure. Here's how to deal with it.

How to turn off the narrator in Minecraft Legends

To mute the narrators you'll hear throughout Minecraft Legends, you just need to head into the settings menu. There, tab across to the audio panel and turn the 'dialogue' slider all the way down.

The dialogue slider used to mute the narrator in Minecraft Legends.
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without sounding as condescending as the narrators in question, dialogue refers specifically to the spoken words in the game. Turn that channel of the mix down, and you'll remove voice lines from the game entirely without affecting things like music, ambient sounds, and additional sound effects like clicks.

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