How to get Cherry Grove in Minecraft

Cherry Grove in Minecraft.

Cherry Grove in Minecraft.

Before the release of the new version, you should learn how to get Cherry Grove in Minecraft. This is a new biome where lots of cherries grow that will let you experience a warm spring vibe.

With the new Minecraft biome, the developers also added some materials. Most of these are related to a new type of tree, and we’ll also pay attention to them. These will help you not only decorate your house, but also make a stylish Japanese-like environment.

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How to get Cherry Grove in Minecraft

Cherry Grove is a biome that consists of cherry trees. If you've ever seen the famous Japanese sakura tree, you definitely know what these groves look like. Basically, Cherry Grove is a forest filled with pink sakura. It’s very easy to see even from a huge distance.

In order to find such a biome, you just need to explore the world. Players report that Cherry Groves can be found near mountain areas. So, you should go there in the first place.

Also, if you don’t mind using some cheats, you can enter the [/locate biome minecraft:cherry_grove] command in the chat. After that, you’ll see the coordinates of the closest Cherry Grove biome. Don’t forget that you’ll have to generate a new world after the update if you want to find new biomes.

Cherry Grove in Minecraft.
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Why do you need to search for Cherry Grove in Minecraft?

The new biome is quite peaceful, and there you’ll find many animals like pigs, cows, sheep, and more. However, this is not the most valuable thing that you can get from Cherry Grove. Of course, trees are the best part of this biome!

New cherries look beautiful with their pink leaves that constantly fall on the ground. You definitely should cut a couple of these to get some saplings and new wood materials. These will help you to build a stylish pink house and make your own sakura grove. Also, you can use new wooden planks to craft a pink boat.

This biome looks great and you should visit it at least for a couple of minutes to get new materials and enjoy beautiful views. But if Cherry Grove doesn’t strike you as interesting, don’t be sad. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The upcoming update will bring more features, mechanics, and craftable items!

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