How to use hanging signs in Minecraft

'How to make hanging signs' in Minecraft

'How to make hanging signs' in Minecraft

Learn all about how to use Hanging Signs in Minecraft. The long-awaited 1.20 Minecraft update promises to bring a lot of new things like new biomes to explore, new mobs to fight and tame, and new items to decorate your base with. We've detailed how to craft Hanging Signs and how to use them down below. They're sure to spice up your makeshift villages.

These Hanging Signs aren't just a big deal because you can make them out of baby pink wood, but because they also have the possibility to completely revolutionise storage rooms.

For more information about what to expect in the Minecraft 1.20 update, check out that article. We also have a guide on how the new Archeology gameplay will work, and how to find the new Suspicious Sand block. And with Minecraft Legends on the horizon, it's shaping up to be a great year for the franchise.

How to use Hanging Signs in Minecraft

Hanging Signs are one of the new items that will be released in the 1.20 Minecraft update. They work like standard signs, in that you can write whatever you like on them, only that they hang. They're not limited to just being stuck into the floor or attached flush to a wall.

'Gfinity is da best' is on the hanging sign in Minecraft
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One unfortunate flaw of Hanging Signs is that they're incapable of lying

The hanging signs can be made out of any of the wood variations in Minecraft, meaning that you'll be able to use the new Cherry Blossom wood to make pink signs. You'll also be able to have the classic Dark Oak and Birch ones, too, it your prefer.

The main difference in Hanging Signs is how you gather the wood for them. Unlike other signs, you'll need to have stripped logs, This is a very important step, as you won't be able to make them otherwise.

You'll need six stripped logs in whatever colour you want the sign to be. You'll also need two chains for them to hang from. You can make these out of two iron nuggets and one iron ingot. Easy.

The recipe for Hanging Signs in Minecraft. 6x stripped logs and 2x chains.
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Why didn't they want a stick in the top?

Once you've gathered all of these ingredients, you'll be able to make six signs at a time. You won't need to hang them from fence posts like you do with lanterns, because Hanging Signs are able to attach to walls and surfaces on their own.

Not only do they look a lot nicer than normal signs, but they also add a lot of character to whatever build you add them to.

Now that you know the basics of how to use Hanging Signs in Minecraft, you'll be able to take some time experimenting with different colours and combinations. For a few more Minecraft guides, check out how to make decorated pots and the best Minecraft texture packs for this year.

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