Minecraft 1.20 patch notes (23w07a snapshot) - Trails and Tales update

A bee in the new Cherry Biome in Minecraft 1.20 update

A bee in the new Cherry Biome in Minecraft 1.20 update

The Minecraft 1.20 update has been teased for so long by the team over at Mojang. It's adding new mobs, biomes, and things like Archeology to the game, but we're likely a ways off the official Minecraft 1.20 patch notes needed to work out exactly what's coming. We'll be listing them out here as soon as they drop, though.

We won't be able to bring you the official 1.20 patch notes until they release. But what we can bring you are the latest Minecraft Snapshot patch notes. You can use these to get an idea of what changes should be made for the official release.

For more news about what the Minecraft 1.20 update is set to bring, make sure to check out that article. We also have an explanation of how the new Minecraft Archeology gameplay will work, as well as a guide on how to find the new Sniffer mob. Keep reading.

Minecraft 1.20 patch notes (23w07a snapshot)


  • Jukeboxes have changed to be at parity with Bedrock
  • Horse breeding has been updated
  • Updated the Realms screen to be more in line with the Singleplayer and
  • Multiplayer screens

Recipe unlocking

  • The Crafting Table recipe is unlocked immediately on creating a new world
  • The Crossbow recipe is no longer unlocked by sticks
  • The Soul Campfire recipe is no longer unlocked by sticks


  • While playing a music disc, it will emit a redstone signal of 15
  • Droppers and hoppers can now interact with it


  • When breeding horses and the like, the babies' speed, jump height and health are no longer biased toward the average
  • This change is intended to make horse breeding a viable way of getting great horses, if a player starts with good parents and puts in enough time and Golden Carrots

Technical Changes

  • The vanilla resource pack en_us language file is now sorted alphanumerically by key
  • A new recipe serializer crafting_decorated_pot has been added for the new Decorated Pot recipe
  • Added show_notification field to recipes
  • Accepts a boolean which determines if a notification is shown when unlocking this recipedefaults to true if isn't specified

Interaction Entities

  • A new type of entity that records attacks ("left clicks") and interactions ("right clicks"). Interactions are invisible and of a custom size.


  • width: Width of the entity's bounding box (default 1)
  • height: Height of the entity's bounding box (default 1)
  • attack: Records the last attack action on the entity
  • interaction: Records the last interaction action on the entity
  • response: Boolean specifying if interacting should trigger a response (arm swing, sound effects, etc - default false)

Action Format

When an action is stored, it always has two fields:

  • player: The UUID (in standard integer array format) of the player performing the action
  • timestamp: The timestamp of the game tick when the event happened (stored as a long)

Advancement Triggers

  • Interacting with an Interaction entity triggers player_interacted_with_entity
  • Attacking an Interaction entity triggers player_hurt_entity

'execute on' with Interactions

The Interaction entity targets the player who last interacted with it. That makes the following possible:

  • execute on attacker: execute as the last player who attacked the entity
  • execute on target: execute as the last player who interacted with the entity

Experimental Features

  • Added Sniffer mob
  • Added a Cherry Grove biome
  • Added Archaeology


  • Sniffer Mob now available as an experimental feature
  • The Sniffer is the mob vote winner of Minecraft Live 2022 and the first "ancient" mob added to the game
  • Sniffers cannot be tempted or tamed
  • Sniffers are passive friendly mobs
  • Sniffers sniff in the air and occasionally dig for seeds
  • Torchflower now available as an experimental feature
  • The Torchflower seed can be planted on farmland and grows into a flower
  • The seed can be used to breed two Sniffers
  • The full-grown flower can be harvested and replanted but can also be crafted into a dye

Cherry Grove biome

  • Added a new Cherry Grove biome, with pretty cherry blossom trees
  • You can find it in the mountains, like Meadows

Pink Petals block

  • Added a new Pink Petals block with lots of pink flowers on the ground

Cherry Wood Set

  • Added a new Cherry wood set, with all the corresponding wooden things you can make from it. You need to have the Update 1.20 experimental features enabled to see it in game.


  • Added the Brush

Suspicious Sand

  • Desert Temples and Desert Wells now contain Suspicious Sand. This fragile block is hard to spot and easy to destroy, so be careful!
  • Brushing the Suspicious Sand with a Brush will extract objects that were buried long ago

Pottery Shards

  • Pottery Shards have pictures on them
  • They cannot be crafted and are only found by brushing Suspicious Sand

Decorated Pots

  • Crafting four Pottery Shards together will create a Decorated Pot with a picture on each side
  • You can also use Brick items instead of Pottery Shards in the Decorated Pot recipe
  • The sides that were made from Brick items will not have pictures
  • Smash a Decorated Pot with any block-breaking tool to break it apart and get the Pottery Shards back
  • Or hit it with your fist to pick up the pot without breaking it

Fixed bugs in Snapshot 23w07a

  • MC-16533 Horse Breeding never exceeds egg/spawn horse attributes
  • MC-64522 Server shows as "Old" in server list while starting
  • MC-84633 Resource packs: ambientocclusion flag only respects topmost parent
  • MC-134448 Drowned animation glitch
  • MC-181412 Removing a jukebox with a command while it's playing a music disc won't stop playing the music disc
  • MC-194080 Elytra model stutters by flying and turning
  • MC-209409 Sitting cats sink in water
  • MC-226729 Memory leakage problem in native operations
  • MC-248249 minecraft:forest_rock feature does not work correctly when
  • used with /place
  • MC-256465 Baby camels can enter boats despite adult camels not being able to
  • MC-257282 Allays sometimes have a several-second delay before deciding to follow the player
  • MC-258457 Resource Pack won't load if it contains reference to non-existing particles
  • MC-258459 Invalid forced resource pack can cause infinite reload loop on client
  • MC-258580 Player is kicked from a server for flying in death screen when dying on a Horse or Camel
  • MC-258624 The Title Screen Warning menu doesn't disappear after the player respawns
  • MC-258697 Invalid translation of "translationKey=narration.suggestion" in command block GUI
  • MC-258902 Opening a lectern on Adventure mode and closing it causes inventory desyncs
  • MC-258907 Advancement trigger "player_interacted_with_entity" doesn't work with "area_effect_cloud" entity when used "glass_bottle" item on it
  • MC-259107 Opening the crafting recipe book selects the recipe that appears under the mouse cursor
  • MC-259218 Onboarding isn't resumed after restarting Minecraft
  • MC-259240 The game crashes when navigating with arrow keys after changing key binds
  • MC-259241 Turtles can spawn inside each other causing them to get stuck and play constant sounds
  • MC-259489 Experimental "disabled items" can still be suggested as fuel by the recipe book
  • MC-259573 Blast Protection does not reduce explosion knockback in creative game mode
  • MC-259675 Capes occasionally jitter when moving and adjusting your rotation
  • MC-259691 Drowned that are swimming render outside of their hitboxes when looking up or down
  • MC-259729 "Falling Block" can appear in death messages
  • MC-259796 Creeper does not flash white and expand before exploding
  • MC-259797 Z-fighting occurs on the bottom of boots
  • MC-259805 Players cannot dismount when riding item_display, block_display and text_display using the ride command
  • MC-259808 Allay wing animation skips frames/loops incorrectly as of 23w06a
  • MC-259816 Odd behavior when an item_display, block_display, or text_display entity mounts another entity
  • MC-259819 Z-fighting on the text of text displays
  • MC-259999 Entities mounted on display entities do not visually update until after resync

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