Minecraft Sniffer mob - How to find and what it does

The Minecraft Sniffer

The Minecraft Sniffer

What does the Sniffer do in Minecraft? That's a popular question right now. The Minecraft Sniffer mob is the latest mob to be introduced to the classic voxel building game with the 1.20 Minecraft update. So if you're afraid of the new mob or just stuck wondering what the Minecraft Sniffer does, read on.

Considering it won the Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Community Vote with almost 55 percent of the overall votes, it's a favourite you'll want to befriend right away. The Sniffer is only one of the many new things teased in the new update. . With new gameplay features, building blocks, biomes, and mobs, the 1.20 Trails and Tales patch is a big one.

For more news on what the 1.20 update is bringing, check out our article on it here. We also have a guide on how to find the new Camel mob, as well as a breakdown of the new Archeology features!

Minecraft Sniffer mob - How to find and what it does

First of all, as the Sniffer is a great ancient beast, you’re unlikely to find it just wandering around in the Overworld. Instead, you’ll need to find a well-preserved Sniffer Egg. And where can you find Sniffer Eggs, the only remainder of these great, Minecraft dinosaurs? In Suspicious Sand, of course!

Tracking down Suspicious Sand in Minecraft will be a whole adventure in its own right. For more information on how to find Suspicious Sand, make sure to check out our article above.

Once you’ve found your Suspicious Sand and excavated it properly, you’ll have a chance of receiving one of a few different items. Among Pottery Shards and Diamonds, you might also find a Sniffer egg in there!

Now that the egg is successfully retrieved, you’ll have to help it hatch in a safe place. Once you’ve made it lovely and war (and fought off any hostile mobs that threaten your new pet) your egg will hatch into a Snifflet. That’s right: a Snifflet.

This mob may look cute at first, but it will grow into a huge, lumbering beast. And this beast comes with built-in botany knowledge.

The Minecraft Sniffer in action
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The Minecraft Sniffer in action

The Sniffer will go into Sniffer Mode and track down plant seeds for you. These won’t be your average wheat and carrot seeds though, oh no. They’ll be rare and unique decorative plants that used to cover the hills when Sniffers freely roamed the Overworld in the distant past.

The Sniffer will continue to wander the world, aimless, but not entirely hopelessly once it’s all grown up.

If you want to keep it around ( and who can blame you after all of the hard work you did just to get it back to your base) it’s recommended that you attach a leash to it. This way, once you've finished collecting all of the plants in the area, you can lead it back to the relative safety of your base.

For a few more Minecraft guides, check out how to use Hanging Signs to spice up your domain. You can even learn how to make decorative pots, too. Good luck out there, and happy Sniffing!

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