What are the best traps in Meet Your Maker?

A base in Meet Your Maker

A base in Meet Your Maker

The best Meet Your Maker traps can make a big difference on your base. Placing them strategically gives you the perfect chance to wipe out invaders as they arrive, packing a damage-filled punch as you go.

In this guide, we rundown the best traps you can find in Meet Your Maker, how to use them, and the best way to employ them across your base. These are the basics to use the best traps, preparing you to beat those pesky invaders!

All Meet Your Maker traps

Here are the Meet Your Traps available in the base game:

  • Boltshot - Shoots out arrows, can be modded to appear after Genmat, explode after death, or shoot a second time. These are one of the most stable and consistent choices in the game and well worth putting into your base.
  • Bomb Ejector - Shoots out bombs that explode after a few seconds. Deadly in congested areas, but bombs are harmless until they go off. These are great to drop from above on a slant and can quickly overwhelm players. One of the best traps in the game.
  • Corrosive Cube - Controls space through a magma cube. Can be shot through if unupgraded. Blocks your own traps so you have to plan around these carefully. Decent for the supply cost.
  • Death Piston - The Death Piston fires out a piston methodically. This never runs out of hits but can give away its own position. These aren't a great choice.
  • HoloCube - Hides traps and some pathways. Needed in most maps as it can obfuscate the right path and push players down specific routes.
  • Impaler - Shoots out spikes, but only right next to you. A bit easy to counter but won't go off from a distance. These are good when you can trap a player in a space.
  • Incinerator - Shoots fire. Limited range but controls space really well. Have to break to stop it, so it can be pretty deadly if not taken care of.
  • Iron Claw - Grabs you towards a space so will never kill alone. Dangerous but pretty easy to counter.
  • Plasma Sentinel - Large and easy to spot but never runs out of shots. Sentinels can fire from all angles so are particularly deadly at entryways.

What are the best Meet Your Maker traps?

Though every trap can be used in great ways, the best three choices right now seem to be Incinerator, Bomb Ejector, and HoloCube. They can be used in most contexts and have huge versatility.

Generally, when analysing the traps you use, you want to think about unique ways to use them, and these three all incentivise creativity.

If you're looking for more information on the game, here are the best Meet Your Maker weapons, and our Meet Your Maker tips for raiding.

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