What are the best weapons in Meet Your Maker?

An enemy crawling atop a vent in Meet Your Maker.

An enemy crawling atop a vent in Meet Your Maker.

The best Meet Your Maker weapons are the only way to take out traps before they go off. Because of this, you may need to pick a good loadout before you start raiding bases.

Here are all the best Meet Your Maker weapons to use in the hit new game. From what they do to why you should unlock them, we'll make sure you're ready to load up an impressive arsenal to escape with your life!

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The best Meet Your Maker weapons

At launch, there are only five central weapons you can use throughout your time with the game. They are:

  • Arc Barrier - A small barrier that protects you from damage. This can be great when traps only have a single activation in them. In its basest form, it takes just under 10 seconds to recharge, which can slow you down substantially. This is great but at its best in specific circumstances.
  • Falconic Plasmabow - With an increased fire rate and magazine size, this weapon is fantastic against guards but unable to take out traps. It is decent, but sits somewhere in the middle of the pack.
  • Fury's Edge - This is a quick blade capable of taking out traps before they even activate. As you don't need bullets for this, it is super versatile.
  • Sledgeblade - While heavier and slower than Fury's Edge, this weapon allows you to lunge forward, which is a great way of skipping past traps. It is a middling weapon.
  • Volt Lancer - The Volt Lancer is the only way of destroying traps from a distance. This is the most sturdy choice in the game and, therefore, one of the very best weapons.

Though there are plenty of great ways to use your weapons, the starting loadout of Volt Lancer and Fury's Edge is one of the best. This being said, you could choose to swap out the Volt Lancer with the Arc Barrier if you want to focus on being quick and deadly up close.

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