Tips for raiding in Meet Your Maker

A vehicle in Meet Your Maker

A vehicle in Meet Your Maker

You may need some Meet Your Maker raiding tips if you find yourself dying in new bases. The game requires a lot of strategy if you're going to start winning matches and taking control over enemies, so you'll need to raid properly.

In this Meet Your Maker guide, we'll go over how to set up your loadout, some general tips for exploring bases, and how the difficulty modes work. There's a lot to learn here, so strap in before you get raiding!

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Meet Your Maker raiding tips

Before you even start raiding, you need to look into your loadout. There are two suits in the game that you will have access to. One is focused on ranged shots, and the other is focused on melee. The ranged suit gives you abilities to grab your ammo from further away, whilst highlighting it. The melee suit gives you better lunge capabilities and physical speed.

Generally speaking, you should try both of these out to see how you want to play. I prefer the ranged suit, as it allows you to use your ranged abilities to take out traps from afar. This being said, melee is quick and doesn't require ammo.

Melee weapons in Meet Your Maker
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Meet Your Maker difficulty explained

Bases are available in the following difficulties:

  • Normal - The easiest bases. These use less resources and tend to be a little less convoluted. They can still be rather difficult.
  • Dangerous - Though these bases are tough, they aren't the hardest in the game. They give more rewards than normal.
  • Brutal - The toughest that Meet Your Maker bases get. These use lots of resources and guards. Expect traps you might not have seen yet.

How to tackle bases in Meet Your Maker

As soon as you start the game, you should notice a small minion going through the base. They collect resources and tend to lead the most straightforward path to the Genmat. If a base is focused on trying to confuse you, follow this unit to avoid getting lost. Generally, a good base will diversify guards and traps. This means you should bring at least one weapon capable of breaking armour and traps. Though spikes and Boltshots tend to only go off once, traps like the flamethrower will activate until you break them.

If a base is overloaded with traps, you can flit through with your rappel, setting them all off at once. You get extra XP when you can get guards or traps to kill each other, so speed is favoured. A lot of the best bases are designed to slow you down, because being quick can get through almost any base. For this reason, you should aim to be constantly on the move in bigger environments. When hallways close off, crouch and move slowly, inspecting walls, floors, and ceilings.

Once you have made your way to the Genmat, the entire base will change. Some traps are only active on your way out of the base, so scope out the area before you grab the Genmat. A good tip is to look for any walls that don't already have traps on them, and assume they'll have traps when you grab the Genmat. You can sometimes fire your dart at your exit as you grab it to ensure safe passage. Once you're out, spend your resources to upgrade your favourite weapons and suit.

If you're looking for a little more information on the game, here are the best Meet Your Maker weapons.

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