What are the best guards in Meet Your Maker?

A guard in Meet Your Maker

A guard in Meet Your Maker

Here are the best Meet Your Maker guards. Meet Your Maker guards are a fundamental part of the experience. They make it a tough game if you don't know what you're doing. With maps designed to trick you, players won't get far without enough game knowledge.

In this guide, we not only go over which we think the best guards are but explain the whole list as of launch, as well as how you should put them into your bases. Generally, every guard has a purpose and it's your goal, as a player, to figure that out!

All Meet Your Maker guards

Here are all the Meet Your Maker guards as well as how to use them:

Cannonback - This creature doesn't move very quickly and is a little easy to kill, but it shoots bombs out that can be intimidating in the right setting. Upgrade them with better vision and they can be quite deadly.

Enforcer - The Enforcer is the most basic and common guard in the game. They shoot at range with small bullets, which means they need to be accurate, but also makes them less likely to take out your own traps.

Hornet - The Hornet flies around the air firing the same projectiles as the Enforcer. These are harder to hit, but also control space less well. With Dead Man's Switch, they can be quite unpredictable.

Warmonger - These are the biggest enemies in the game, attacking with knife lunges. They are quite intimidating and accurate but useless from range.

The best Meet Your Maker guards

Unfortunately, as there are only a handful of guards, they aren't really any that stand out as the clear best. A good base utilises all of the guards, taking advantage of their strengths and covering for their weaknesses. You should use them all if possible.

If you're looking for more information on the game, here are the best traps in Meet Your Maker, the best weapons in Meet Your Maker, and our Meet Your Maker review in progress.

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