Mario vs Donkey Kong - Release date, platforms, and everything we know

Donkey Kong stealing Mario mini toys
Credit: Nintendo

Donkey Kong stealing Mario mini toys
Credit: Nintendo

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If you're wondering when Mario vs Donkey Kong is due to be released, then you're in the right place. The long-lasting and well-known clash between Mario and Donkey Kong can be traced back to the classic arcade game, Donkey Kong, released in 1981. Over time, both Donkey Kong and Mario evolved to have their own separate franchises.

In 2004, Nintendo developers decided to revive this iconic rivalry with the release of "Mario vs Donkey Kong," a title that received an incredibly positive response from long-time fans of both franchises. This success led to the creation of multiple sequels under the 'Mario vs Donkey Kong' umbrella.

Now, after two decades, Nintendo is planning to return to the roots of the series with a significant overhaul, presenting a brand-new remake of the game. In this article, we'll delve into all the details surrounding the upcoming remake.

When is the Mario vs Donkey Kong release date?

For those eagerly anticipating the release of Mario vs Donkey Kong, the wait is about to end soon. Mario vs Donkey Kong is scheduled to be launched on February 16, 2024. Nintendo officially confirmed this release date during the Nintendo Direct Event held on September 14, 2023.

Do you feel like the wait is dragging on? While the new game is gearing up to kick off in early 2024, a captivating lineup of Mario franchise spinoffs is ready to keep you busy. Titles such as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Super Mario RPG, and more are all set for release within a few months from now, each arriving in close succession.

What platforms is Mario vs Donkey Kong on?

As for platforms, Mario vs Donkey will only be launching on Nintendo Switch. However, it doesn't surprise us or it is? After all, many Nintendo franchises are designed for and exclusive to their own hardware.

While this strategy is not unique to Nintendo, in recent times, there has been growth of this trend in the gaming industry where exclusivity has become a relatively notable approach.

It is still a disappointment for fans as some fans may not own a Switch, or they may prefer to play games on other platforms by any other means. Nonetheless, Nintendo is likely hoping that the Switch's popularity and the game's portability will hopefully outweigh any disappointment from fans.

Finally, let's dive into the available Mario vs. Donkey Kong editions or rather singular edition. Because currently, there is only one option, which is the base game itself.

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It is available for pre-purchase on Nintendo eShop and the official Nintendo website at the cost of $49.99.

Angry Donkey Kong
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Credit: Nintendo

Everything we know so far

The gameplay and plot of the Mario vs Donkey Kong remake are anticipated to closely resemble those of the original game. Nevertheless, there might be some modifications and additions aimed at modernising the game and luring a new audience. The first one is the visual upgrade, transitioning from the previous two-dimensional format to a three-dimensional presentation but also keeping the retro aesthetic.

However, one noteworthy alteration is the introduction of co-op. So this means that you can now add one more extra friend and complete the task together. The introduction of multiplayer will surely bring a fresh perspective into the series.


The game trailer is quite self-explanatory, and its central plotline closely mirrors that of the original 2004 title. For those new to the series, here's a simplified explanation of the plot:

Donkey Kong becomes obsessed with the new Mini-Mario toys during the grand opening of Mario's new theme park. Upon reaching the store and discovering they are sold out, he goes on a rampage, stealing them all from the Mario Toy Company. Mario must then chase Donkey Kong through a series of levels to retrieve the toys and save the day.

Mario vs Donkey Kong gameplay
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Credit: Nintendo


Now, let's talk about how the gameplay unfolds. Once again, there aren't any major changes, except for the addition of the co-op feature. You step into the shoes of Mario and embark on a journey through various levels to rescue the Mini-Marios from Donkey Kong.

As you advance through the levels, the difficulty level will ramp up. It's crucial to be extra cautious and avoid the traps and enemies that Donkey Kong has strategically placed. Ultimately, after conquering all the levels, you'll have the opportunity to face the final boss: None other than Donkey Kong himself.

But there you have it, that is pretty much all you need to know about Mario vs Donkey Kong. If you're looking for more gaming news about upcoming releases, be sure to check out our article on the new Persona 5 Tactica release. Plus, all the information we know so far about Throne and Liberty, including its release date and gameplay.

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