Throne and Liberty - Everything we know

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key art of a monster in Throne and Liberty

2023 is filled with massive video game releases, and the highly anticipated Throne and Liberty MMORPG title is among them. The game is being developed by NCSoft, the developers from the Lineage series, and is set to release sometime in 2023.

The core of Throne and Liberty will lie in its narrative-based gameplay and its unique cooperative challenges. A vital aspect of the game will involve players transforming into different animals to enhance their speed and travel capabilities. Furthermore, players will have the option to carry other players, effectively acting as mounts.

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Throne and Liberty release date speculation

Throne and Liberty is set to release sometime in 2023.
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Throne and Liberty release date

While the exact release date is currently unknown, Throne and Liberty is anticipated to debut sometime in 2023, possibly in the second half of the year. However, it's been confirmed that the upcoming MMO will launch on almost all platforms, including PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and will be published by Amazon.

Throne and Liberty has also generated significant buzz in the gaming community due to its promise of immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and innovative mechanics. Therefore, we'll make sure to update this article once we have any official intel on the Throne and Liberty's release window.

Throne and Liberty Story

Within the realm of Throne and Liberty, players have the opportunity to journey through a mystical universe, granting them the power to navigate above the clouds and beneath the waves. The game's narrative is segmented into five different parts, and below is a brief overview of each one.

Part 1 - Star Children

It has been rumoured that the Sealstone, home to Silaves, the Goddess of Destruction, shattered into fragments that scattered across the world like twinkling stars. Those who possessed the power of these "stars" were dubbed as Star Children.

Part 2 - Captain Davinci's Resistance Army

As Revil Lupius claimed the throne of Solisium with the aid of the Arkeum Legions, a violent war erupted, prompting Davinci Aron and other guild leaders to create the Allied Resistance Forces to oppose the Arkeum Legions.

Part 3 - Witch Clanthia's Invasion

Meanwhile, the wizard Yan Junion was secretly protecting the Star Children so they wouldn't become exploited as tools of war. Kazar, commander of the Arkeum Legions, dispatched the witch Calanthia to the children's island.

Part 4 - Kazar Simosen of the Arkeum Legions

Kazar, the Arkeum Legions' commander, deployed Calanthia, a witch, to attack the children's island. After the island's destruction, Clay Carter evacuated the Star Children while Kazar continued his quest for Silaves's star fragments to achieve supreme power.

Part 5 - For the freedom of Solisium

Eventually, the Star Children matured and became apprentice Resistance Army Soldiers. Now, you must depart from Whisp Island and travel to Laslan to unlock the potential of the stars and emancipate Solisium from the Arkeum Legions.

Throne and Liberty gameplay and trailer

Throne and Liberty's official gameplay and trailer showcase stunning graphics.
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Throne and Liberty gameplay and trailer

In April 2022, fans were given their first look at the game's world, combat, and abilities through the Official Gameplay Trailer. The trailer demonstrated the game's remarkable traversal mechanics and magical abilities and introduced one of its most intriguing features - the capability to transform into animals and colossal creatures.

The official gameplay trailer not only provided fans with an initial glimpse into the game's world, combat, and abilities but also gave them a taste of its stunning visuals and detailed environments.

When it comes to gameplay, the game features a dynamic day/night cycle and weather system. On top of that, the game's combat system focuses on weapon choice, enabling players to equip two types of weapons and swap between them to access a range of skills.

Guilds are also a feature, allowing players to engage in battles over map objects such as Blessing Stones and Dimension Stones, providing valuable enhancements and materials. Character customisation is possible, although only one human-like race appears to be playable at this time.

Throne and Liberty characters

The final beta testing phase of Throne and Liberty showcases a unique character customisation system that takes the player's character creation experience to a new level. In the beta testing, players can only play as Humans, but they will be able to change their character appearance into various animal forms once the game launches globally.


The game's character creator provides a wide range of customisable features that can be further modified at the in-game Barber Shop. Such a high level of detail that allows players to create unique and distinguishable characters. Along with the NPCs' realistic and precise facial expressions, this provides a more immersive experience.

While it is rumoured that only one character slot may be available, we highly advise taking this information with a pinch of salt until the developers confirm it officially.

So there you have it. That's everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty. Until then, feel free to check out our Dying Light 3 hub for the latest news on that action role-playing survival horror game.

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