Best Mouse for MMO Games: Our Top Picks For November

If you're an MMO enthusiast and looking for the best mouse to enhance your experience when playing, we've got you covered right here.

MMOs tend to require complex macros which means having quick access to buttons can be a game-changer. This is where mouses with customisable buttons come in handy.

We've picked some standout MMO gaming mice that we thought ticked all the right boxes, based on specs, reviews, and features they offer.

So whether you're looking for a cracking mouse for competitive gaming in the Corsair Scimitar ELITE or you're on the hunt for a brilliant all-round choice in the Redragon M913 Impact Elite, we're here to help with your search.

Let's get straight into it!

Best Mouse for MMO Games

Best Mouse for MMO Games For Competitive Play - Corsair Scimitar ELITE

Best Mouse For MMO Games Corsair, product image of black mouse
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Image Credit: Corsair

Brand: Corsair | Colour: Black | Number Of Buttons: 17 | DPI: 18,000 | Item Weight: 122 grams | Dimensions: ‎12 x 7.8 x 4.2 cm

If you're after a solid choice for competitive play from Final Fantasy to World of Warcraft, the Corsair Scimitar ELITE is a standout choice for us.

In terms of speed, this mouse boasts an enormous 18,000 DPI which is adjustable for highly sensitive responses to suit your desired playstyle, and give you the edge when competing.

For customisation, you're getting 17 programmable buttons that you can tailor to your specific needs and should be incredibly useful when performing complex macros in-game.

The Corsair Scimitar ELITE is also equipped with customisable RGB lights, 50-million click lifespan and contoured shape for comfort, which we think makes it a fantastic choice.

Best Mouse for MMO Games For Customisation - Razer Naga Trinity

Best Mouse For MMO Games Razer, Product Image of black mouse and interchangeable parts
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Image Credit: Razer

Brand: Razer | Colour: Black | Number Of Buttons: 9 / 14 / 19 | DPI: 16,000 | Item Weight: 120 grams | Dimensions: ‎11.9 x 7.4 x 4.3 cm

If you're after a mouse that is versatile and offers a high level of customisation, the Razer Naga Trinity could be the choice for you, and it's also earned a place on our best gaming mouse list too, due to a brilliant feature set.

This mouse comes with three interchangeable side plates, each one offering a different configuration of buttons, choose from 2, 7 or 12 side buttons to optimise your play style.

In terms of speed, this mouse boasts a 5G optical sensor that is said to deliver true 16,000 DPI which should give you better accuracy, brilliant for competitive gaming.

The Razer Naga Trinity is also lightweight at 120 grams, which should decrease wrist strain after hours of grinding your favourite MMO.

Best Mouse for MMO Games Budget Choice - Logitech G600

Best Mouse For MMO Games Logitech, product image of black/blue mouse
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Image Credit: Logitech

Brand: Logitech | Colour: Black | Number Of Buttons: 20 | DPI: 8,200 | Item Weight: 229 grams | Dimensions: ‎‎4.06 x 7.37 x 11.68 cm

If you're on the hunt for an MMO mouse but don't want to spend a fortune, the Logitech G600 may be the best budget mouse option for you.

You're getting 20 programmable buttons, thanks to the 12 button side panel, which is useful for efficiency when play MMOs from LOTR Online to Runescape you should have no issues.

In terms of appearance, this mouse also comes with customisable RGB lighting with over 16 million colour choices, allowing you to personalise your setup to suit your tastes.

The Logitech G600 also boasts supreme comfort to handle mammoth multiplayer sessions without fatigue.

Best Mouse for MMO Games Wireless - UtechSmart Venus Pro

Best Mouse For MMO Games UtechSmart, product image of black/blue mouse
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Image Credit: UtechSmart

Brand: UtechSmart | Colour: Black | Number Of Buttons: 16 | DPI: 16,000 | Item Weight: 221 grams | Dimensions: ‎11.68 x 7.62 x 3.81 cm

If you're looking for another quality wireless mouse the UtechSmart Venus Pro may be the option for you.

With a 1,000 mAh battery, this mouse should last up to 70 hours, which is more than enough for any marathon gaming session and can obtain a full charge in just 2 hours.

In terms of speed, this mouse offers an impressive 16,000 DPI and 2.4Ghz wireless data transmission for smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.

The UtechSmart Venus Pro DPI is also adjustable, allowing you to configure the sensitivity that works best for you while playing.

Best Mouse for MMO Games All-Rounder - Redragon M913 Impact Elite

Best Mouse For MMO Games Redragon, product image of black/red mouse
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Image Credit: Redragon

Brand: Redragon | Colour: Black | Number Of Buttons: 16 | DPI: 16,000 | Item Weight: 132 grams | Dimensions: 17.09 x 15.29 x 5.21 cm

Another excellent choice and a solid multifunctional option is the Redragon M913 Impact Elite.

This mouse is wireless, with up 45 hours of battery life, but can also be used wired, thanks to the USB-C compatibility.

In terms of speed, you're getting an outstanding 16,000 DPI and 2.4Ghz transfer speed when wireless which combined with 16 programmable buttons should be worthy of any gaming setup.

We also think the Redragon M913 Impact Elite looks fantastic thanks to its elegant design and customisable RGB lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Mouse For MMO Games

When it comes to looking for the best MMO mouse, there are a number of questions worth looking into.

Why are multiple programmable buttons important?

Programmable buttons on a mouse can be extremely useful when playing MMO games, they allow you to carry out game commands with accessible ease.

Each button can be assigned to whichever desired function, allowing you to create a play style that works for you and make it easier to remember which buttons are used for each action in-game.

Is a lighter mouse better?

The weight of a mouse largely comes down to preference and requirements.

For games that require lightning-fast response times, a lightweight mouse may be preferable to increase speed.

If you're playing an MMO and need multiple programmable buttons and complex movements, heavier options will work a treat.

Are MMO mice better?

For classic MMO and MOBA titles like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy, having the option to utilise an MMO mouse can offer a higher degree of customisation and an edge to your game.

There's nothing wrong with using a brilliant FPS mouse, but do note you won't have as many programmable functions available.

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