Last Epoch trade system explained

picture of last epoch gameplay

picture of last epoch gameplay

If you're a fan of ARPG games such as Path of Exile or Diablo, then you may be familiar with the various trade systems that exist within those games. You've also probably heard of Last Epoch, an ARPG that's been in early access for a few years. In this guide, we'll talk about the newly revealed Last Epoch trade system, as it's one of the more unique takes on one that we've ever seen.

Initially in the game's life, Eleventh Hour Games decided that they did not want to have a trade system in place for Last Epoch. But community feedback has moved the developers to change their mind and create a full blown trade system for players who want to engage with it, but still have a "Monster-slaying" focused system for those who don't.

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When does Last Epoch trade go live?

Before we get into the trade system itself, you're probably wanting to know when it will go live. Well it hasn't been given a specific release date yet, but we do know that it'll make it's way to the game sometime later this year. At the moment, with the new multiplayer update, the only trading that can be done within the game is "gifting". This is essentially trade between players who are in the same party together when the item drops, similar to Diablo 3.

picture of the factions in last epoch for trading
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Last Epoch trade - factions

To start things off, there are going to be two factions introduced to the game when trade goes live. The Merchants' Guild is the "traders" faction, where the Circle of Fortune is for the players who don't want to take part in trade at all. Players will choose a faction and players will gain reputation with that faction, reaching max rank around the time that they reach level 100. Reputation levels will unlock various buffs and features within each faction.

picture of some example merchant's guild perks in last epoch
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The Merchants' Guild

The first faction is the Merchants' Guild, or the trade faction. Members of the Merchants' Guild will have access to the revamped bazaar. Here, you'll be able to set up shop and sell your wares asynchronously or face to face. The currency that will change hands for trades will be gold. Items can only be traded for gold, and crafting resources can't be traded.

Above, we have a few of the early perks that you can earn with the Merchants' Guild. We don't know how far up the ranks will go and what other perks will be added, but we'll be sure to update this with that information as it becomes available.

picture of some of the circle of fortune in last epoch
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The Circle of Fortune

In contrast to the Merchants' Guild, we have the Circle of Fortune. This faction is for those solo players, or maybe friends who don't want to interact with the larger trade economy. Members of this faction will gain buffs to their drops. This is to close the gap of item quality that those who are in the Merchants' Guild can get on their items.

Like with the Merchants' Guild, we currently don't have the full list of perks that you'll get by picking the Circle of Fortune, but when that gets announced, we'll be sure to add that information here.

Players can switch factions at any given point in time, and reputation gained is shared account wide. Reputation will reset at the end of each cycle, or season, and progress is carried over to the permanent non-cycle servers when a cycle ends. Players can gift items to friends of different factions as well. But there are some caveats with this system.

example of resonances in last epoch
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Last Epoch trade - resonance

There is one new system that will be introduced with the trade update, and that's Resonances. This is similar to the form of party trading that we have today, it rather expands upon it. Apply a resonance to an item will allow you to gift an item to a player that you play with regularly, even if they aren't online when the item drops. It's a nice evolution to party trade, and can be very nice help friends get up to speed, whether they're switching factions or changing characters or builds.

Last Epoch trade restrictions

As we mentioned, there are some restrictions and caveats to this system. When a player picks a faction, any gear that is dropped for that player will be marked by that faction. Players can only wear gear of the faction that they belong to. If a player were to change factions, the would need to have an entirely new set of gear that's of the other faction.

You can buy and gamble for new rare gear and craft up a new set once you've changed so at least that will get you something to start off with, though your build may have to change to compensate. You can also have a friend or another character in the other faction prepare a new gearset for you as well.

Speaking of friends, players who are in different factions can play together, and can gift opposite faction items, but the player receiving that item will need to be in that faction in order to use it.

And that's all that we have for you on Last Epoch's new trade system. For more information about the update, check out their developer's blog post where they announced it. Be sure to also check back or bookmark this page as we'll be updating this guide with any new information that comes out, including new faction perks, changes and a release date.

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