Stardew Valley - How to get wood

Stardew Valley how to get wood

Stardew Valley how to get wood

Farming wood is one of the first things you'll start to do when you wake up for your first day in Stardew Valley. You will be armed with a few basic tools and a couple of helpful tips from other villagers, but the rest is up to you. To create your farm, you will need to gather resources to build new items. We're going to show you how to get wood, a common but useful resource.

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How to get wood in Stardew Valley

Trees and logs

To get any form of wood from a natural source, you will need to have an Axe. You begin the game with one already in your inventory, so all you need to do is equip it. You can get wood from the following natural sources:

  • Trees - You will need to chop it down by repeatedly swinging your axe at it.
  • Fallen Branches - You need to hit them once to get them to produce a few pieces of wood.
  • Logs - Swing your axe directly at it.
  • Large Logs - Swing your axe directly at it.
  • Stumps - Swing your axe directly at it.

But do be aware that large logs and large stumps cannot be cut up with a basic axe. You will need to upgrade the axe tool to be able to do so.

But once you have equipped your axe, walk up to any of the natural wood sources on your farm and press your action button to swing it. To collect pieces of wood once they drop, you need to simply walk over them. They will then be stacked in your inventory if you have space.

Stardew Valley Wood trees in a forest
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Buy wood from Robin

Alternatively, if you have enough money, then you can head to the Carpenter's shop. The shop is in Robin's home, and it can be found in the North West section of Pelican Town (just above the community centre and by the mountain lake). Walk up to the till and interact with it to bring up a menu of all of the items you can buy. Press "Wood" to buy wood and it will stack in your inventory.

But it really is as simple as that. As in real life, wood simply comes from trees. Keep upgrading your equipment and you'll be able to fell every single wood source in town. Once you have found wood in Stardew Valley, you can start to build more items for your farm.

Additionally, we have a few guides that can help you start to build and run your farm. We have a guide on how to build a coop and how to build a barn, so you can introduce some animals to your farm. We also have a guide that shows you how to set up a co-op multiplayer game so you can farm with friends, but be sure to check out our extensive character hub, too. Happy farming!

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