How to get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4

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Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4
Credit: YouTube Nintendo UK

As you progress through Pikmin 4, things can become more challenging, forcing you to search for more creative solutions. In some cases, freezing an enemy is the best decision, so here we’ll tell you how to get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

This new type of Pikmin is incredibly useful and will help you to progress through the game. Below you will also find some tips on how to use these little guys.

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How to get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4

Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4
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Credit: YouTube Nintendo UK
Let's see how to get these new incredible creatures!

Ice Pikmin are new creatures introduced in Pikmin 4 and you’ll definitely want to find them! Your first Ice Pikmin can be found in the Last-Frost Cavern, which you can access from the Sun-Speckled Terrace. There you will find a few Ice Pikmin trying to beat a Snowy Blowhog. Help them and they’ll join you!

How to find more Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4

If you have a few Ice Pikmin but need more to complete certain tasks, then you have a couple of options. Ice Pikmin can be found in different underground areas. Your trusty companion Oatchi can sniff out Pikmin with elemental affinities you've previously discovered. So, you can try using this feature to get more Ice Pikmin.

Also, later on, you will get to the Hero’s Hideaway. In this location, you can find the Ice Onion. This item should help you produce more Ice Pikmin, although you’ll have to go through the Frozen Inferno area if you want to get it.

How to use Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4


Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4 are an interesting addition to the game. They can freeze anything they touch, which is really helpful in certain situations. For example, they can turn an enemy into an ice statue that is vulnerable to charges from Oatchi and attacks from other Pikmin.

Also, they do not drown and can freeze any normal body of water. So, you can use them to deal with different water obstacles. However, they are only able to float, which means that you can’t explore water areas with their help by using them as transport.

This new type of Pikmin looks decent thanks to their ability to freeze enemies and water. Fortunately, they’ll likely be the second Pikmin type you unlock in your playthrough. Go to the Last-Frost Cavern and you’ll get these amazing creatures on your team! If you are looking for more content like this, feel free to read our guide on how to get Sparklium in Pikmin 4.

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