Stardew Valley - How to get hardwood

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Large tree stumps provide hardwood in Stardew Valley

Hardwood is one of the materials that you need to constantly collect in Stardew Valley. It's a material that is used in a lot of aspects of farm life as it's used in crafting to create useful tools and items. Also, you can use it to upgrade your home. But it can be a bit hard to come by at first, which is why we're going to show you how to get hardwood.

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How to get hardwood

There are a few different ways that you can get hardwood in Stardew Valley, but the easiest ways are to simply chop down mahogany trees and large tree stumps and logs. To do this, you need to upgrade your tools, with Clint the blacksmith. Once you've done so, you'll be able to chop down these obstacles in order to retrieve the valuable resource.

Below is a list detailing what upgrades you need on the Axe in order to chop down each obstacle.

  • Chop down mahogany trees with a standard axe.
  • Upgrade to the copper axe to chop up large tree stumps.
  • Upgrade to the steel axe to chop up large logs.
How to get hardwood in Stardew Valley
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It's also worth noting that once you've upgraded your axe to a sufficient level, you'll be able to clear the large log that blocks the path to the Secret Woods, which can be found to the left of the Travelling Cart in Cindersnap Forest. Once you've cleared this, the Secret Woods hold 6 large stumps that regenerate daily, meaning you can harvest 12x hardwood each in-game day.

What do you need hardwood for?

Hardwood can be used to craft items for your farm, build new farm buildings, and upgrade your existing farmhouse. Below is a list of what you can craft and how much you need.

Hardwood fence post

  • 1x hardwood

Cheese press

  • 10 x hardwood
  • 45x wood
  • 45x stone
  • 1x copper bar

Oil maker

  • 20x hardwood
  • 50x slime
  • 1x gold bar

Cork bobber

  • 5x hardwood
  • 10x wood
  • 10x slime

Worm bin

  • 25x hardwood
  • 1x gold bar
  • 1x iron bar
  • 50x fiber

Beach warp totem

  • 1x hardwood
  • 2x coral
  • 10x fiber

Mountains warp totem

  • 1x hardwood
  • 1x iron bar
  • 25x stone

Farm warp totem

  • 1x hardwood
  • 1x honey
  • 20x fiber

Desert warp totem

  • 2x hardwood
  • 1x coconut
  • 4x iridium ore

Island warp totem

  • 5x hardwood
  • 1x dragon tooth
  • 1x ginger

Rain totem

  • 1x hardwood
  • 1x truffle oil
  • 5x pine tar

Stump brazier

  • 5x hardwood
  • 1x coal

Carved brazier

  • 10x hardwood
  • 1x coal


  • 1x hardwood
  • 20x wood

Ostrich incubator

  • 50x hardwood
  • 50x bone fragment
  • 20x cinder shard

Heavy tapper

  • 30x hardwood
  • 1x radioactive bar


  • 30x hardwood
  • 20x solar essence
  • 3x gold bar


  • 10x hardwood
  • 1x iridium bar
  • 1x radioactive bar

Building upgrades

Hardwood can also be used to upgrade buildings as well as craft items. To install these upgrades, you'll need to visit Robin at her carpenter's shop, which can be found north of Pelican Town by the mountains. Be sure to check our character hub to make sure Robin is available to purchase from. Below is a list of buildings that require this resource to construct.

Farmhouse upgrade 2

  • 50000g
  • 150x hardwood

Stable (horse included)

  • 10000g
  • 100x hardwood
  • 5x iron bar

Quests that require hardwood

There are a number of quests in Stardew Valley that require hardwood to complete. Below is a list of what you'll need to complete each quest.

  • Robin will send a letter in the mail requesting 10x hardwood on Winter 21 during the 'Robin's Request' quest. The reward is 1 friendship heart with Robin and 500g.
  • Robin also requests 80x hardwood in the 'Robin's Project' special order. The reward is a recipe for a Deluxe Red Double Bed, along with 2000g.
  • In order to repair Willy's boat and access Ginger Island, you'll need 200x hardwood to fix the boat's hull.
  • If you've created a woodskip fish pond, they'll request 10x hardwood to increase the pond's capacity.
  • 5x hardwood may also be requested by crayfish, periwinkle, or snail fish pond quests.

Other uses for hardwood

It is also required for the construction bundle when repairing the community center. You'll need 10 pieces for this bundle.

It can also be used in tailoring, and if you equip hardwood in the spool of the sewing machine, along with cloth, then you can create a new shirt to wear. It can be used as a brown dye, too.


So there you have it, that's how you get hardwood in Stardew Valley! This is just one of many valuable resources littered across Pelican Town, and so we have plenty of other guides like this, for instance, we have a guide on how to get clay.

Additionally, if you'd like to team up with some friends to tackle the farm together, we've got a guide on how to set up a co-op multiplayer farm. Happy foraging!

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