Stardew Valley - How to check the season

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Stardew Valley - how to check the season

What crops you grow and what fish you can find will change with each different season in Stardew Valley. Some seeds can only be planted and cultivated in a specific timeframe, therefore you might find yourself out of pocket if you get the timing wrong. Additionally, some fish are only available to catch in specific seasons and weather. This is why we're going to show you how to check the date and season so you can plan out what you're going to do on your farm.

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How to check the date and season

To be able to check the date and season, you will need a calendar. You can find one on the bulletin board outside of Pierre's General Store. When you interact with a calendar you will be shown the following:

  • The date
  • The season
  • Villager birthdays show the NPCs image
  • The dates of seasonal festivals for that particular season
Check the date and season on Pierre's calendar
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You can also buy a calendar from Robin's Carpenter's shop, which can be found in the northeast of Pelican Town. Once you have purchased this, you can place it on the wall in your home and check the date and season as soon as you wake up.

What does the clock show?

There's quite a simple way of telling what season you're in. The clock that you can see in the top right-hand corner of your screen will tell you what day it is and what season you are in. For example, if you look at the clock in the image below, you should notice that there is a pink flower symbol next to the weather icon. This is indicating that it is currently Spring:

Clock showing spring season in Stardew Valley
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The date is also at the top of this clock. The image shows that the date is Thursday 11. This is a good way of quickly checking your times, so you can always be mindful of upcoming birthdays and the time it takes to plant and harvest certain crops.

Once you know the season you are in and what date you are on, you can choose to plant new crops. But there we have it, that's how you check the season and date in Stardew Valley! We have a few more guides that can help you develop your farm, as well as a whole list of beginner tips for your first year. We also have an extensive character hub if you want to befriend the NPCs of Pelican Town.

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