How long is Fire Emblem Engage? - Story length

Sommie, the Somniel creature from Fire Emblem Engage, laying on its back with a butterfly on its stomach.

Sommie, the Somniel creature from Fire Emblem Engage, laying on its back with a butterfly on its stomach.
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How long is Fire Emblem Engage? That's a good thing to know before you dive in. Like most JRPGs, it isn't something you can race through in half a dozen hours. If you're thinking about picking up the brand new Fire Emblem title, you'll want to be sure you have the time to invest into its slow burn. From the total chapters to the average length of each, here's what to expect.

This is still a Fire Emblem game, so there is a fair amount of time needed to complete the game, but this time can change drastically depending on a few things. Its story is incredibly linear, but its optional extras could become a necessity depending on your skill level, which will rapidly add more hours onto your playtime.

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How long is Fire Emblem Engage?

In past Fire Emblem games, such as Fire Emblem Three Houses or Fates, you had multiple story branches you could play through to get a different perspective on the already lengthy storyline.

In Fire Emblem Engage, however, there's only one version of the story to work your way through, which should cut down the runtime considerably. Whether or not that's a boon to you will depend on what you enjoyed about the past games.

Either way, you should expect to sink anywhere between 50-60 hours into the game to complete it on basic difficulty going through the main storyline.

If you decide to complete every single paralogue mission you come across, which are completely optional and largely only add context to the Emblem characters you partner up with, you can expect this to budge up to the 70-80 hour mark.

At a higher difficulty, which will require an extra level of thought to each move, considerably side-story content for experience points, and grinding for the cash needed to afford things like weapon upgrades and staffs, expect to spend more than 80+ hours.

The game can be shorter if you skip the cutscenes and battle sequences. It's also dependent on what units you use throughout the game as well. You can probably shave a handful of hours off the top by playing through optimally and skillfully, with no AFK time, and skipping as many cutscenes as you possibly can.

You can even set the default battle speed higher through the settings, meaning you won't have to hold down A as they play out. Or you can skip them entirely by mashing + during each.

The World Map in Fire Emblem Engage showing an optional paralogue mission.
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