Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love walkthrough - Floating candles map solution

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Two students brewing a potion in Hogwarts Legacy.
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March 9, 2023: Finish the Ghost of Our Love quest easily with this guide.

One of the most challenging quests in Hogwarts Legacy, the Ghost of Our Love side quest, requires your thinking skills and time. If you're having difficulty, we've prepared a Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love walkthrough.


The Ghost of Our Love side quest is a tricky one. However, once you complete it, you'll receive big rewards in the form of 400 Galleons and 180 XP, which you can use for your purchases and to level up for more talent points.

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A screenshot of the Ghost of Our Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love walkthrough - Floating candles map solution

To trigger the Ghost of Our Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to accept a certain request from Ollivander in Hogsmeade. The quest itself isn't as difficult, as it just requires players to solve the secret of a mysterious map in the game.


After triggering the quest, players will be able to pick up the mysterious map and find the location drawn on it. The map has four different clues as seen below:

  • The forest on the left corner with a crescent moon indicates the time, which is at night.
  • The Forbidden Forest entrance drawn in the top right corner of the map indicates the location.
  • The wand in the middle cues the Lumos spell to make candles appear.
  • The bridge at the bottom of the map is where supposedly the candles will spawn upon using Lumos.

Since you have those clues, you can proceed to open the Map and change the time to nightfall if it's daytime in-game. Then fast travel to the Forbidden Forest's waypoint near the entrance. You'll then turn around to see a stone bridge. Walk to the stone bridge and cast the Lumos spell.

As you cast Lumos, you'll see several floating candles appearing which you must follow into the Forbidden Forest until you reach a full clearing of candles and see a table for two. Shortly, a chest will appear which contains an outfit you can get, marking the end of the quest.

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