How to abandon quests in Hogwarts Legacy

A screenshot of a player casting a spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

A screenshot of a player casting a spell in Hogwarts Legacy.
April 6, 2023: Here is how to abandon quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

When doing quests in Hogwarts Legacy, sometimes you'll come across other missions and want to decide which quests to drop and prioritise. If you want to know how to abandon quests in Hogwarts Legacy, read on. It's relatively easy to abandon quests in-game, and it won't ruin your playing experience.

Do note that while doing side quests may be fun, you're still in it for the game's main story. Plus, doing side quests can still help you progress in the game's plot, so make sure you get back to specific side quests that can benefit you greatly.

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How to abandon ordelete quests in Hogwarts Legacy

One thing's for sure is that no side quests disappear or expire in Hogwarts Legacy. You'll be able to complete quests at any time you want despite abandoning them.

To abandon quests, you'll need to open the quest journal, highlight the current quest, and there should be a button for abandoning quests at the lower right of the game's interface. For some platforms, there are also key binds to abandon a quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

A screenshot of two characters together at a dock in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Aside from learning about abandoning quests, do remember that there are time-sensitive quests that only activate once your character reaches a particular point in the game. If you miss time-sensitive quests without abandoning them, such quests will still be eventually added as you continue completing the game's main story.

To restart a Hogwarts Legacy quest, which can help if they bugged out or you forgot where you were up to, just abandon the quest you want to restart and pick it back up again from the issuer.

Since you can abandon quests, keep in mind though that doing side quests can help you progress faster in the story with the bonuses you earn. So make sure you do some side quests every now and then!

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