Hello Neighbor 2 picture pieces locations

The character is sitting on the sofa in Hello Neighbor 2.

The character is sitting on the sofa in Hello Neighbor 2.

Even some of the main puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2 might appear pretty challenging. While completing one of the earliest quests, the game requires you to create a complete picture using picture pieces in Hello Neighbor 2.

Even though it might look straightforward at first, it's proven to be a stumbling block for players. To guide your through it, we've outlined all of the Hello Neighbor 2 picture pieces locations below.

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Multiple houses in Hello Neighbor 2.
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How to solve photo puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

Before finding out the specific location of each picture piece, you have to get some scissors to access this quest.

Fortunately, they're quite easy to get your hands on. Scissors can be found inside the giant Treehouse in front of the Green House. Once you have them, you can start completing the central part of the riddle.

Picture part one location

The first picture piece is the most straightforward one to grab. You should enter the blue house and make your way upstairs until you see the tape preventing you from going up.

Cut this tape and look around for the entrance to the room. Inside, you will see shelves blocked by more tape. Use scissors to cut the tape again and take your first photo piece.

Picture part two location

Once you have collected the first piece, you should head downstairs. Near the staircase, you will find a painting you can interact with. Use it and input NOT as a secret code to make the secret door appear. After that, enter the secret room and take the crowbar before returning to the second floor and opening the crate using it.

An angry character is moving toward you in Hello Neighbor 2.
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Picture part three location

Picture piece three in Hello Neighbor 2 is tougher to get. You can find it in the children’s room at the end of the hallway. In there, use the scissors to open the stitched pillow. You will find the third picture piece inside this pillow.

Picture part four location

Fortunately, picture piece four is located in the same room as three. First, you cut the cobwebs using your scissors. After that, pick a special dumbbell and head to the next room where you will see a special blue plate. You need to drop the dumbell inside the plate and look at the nearby closet. It will open up, revealing the last photo for you.

Also, keep in mind that you can follow any sequence to complete the photo puzzle. The sequence from our guide is made to save you time in completing the mission.

Even though most beginners consider the picture riddle one of the most challenging in the entire game, it is not too bad. With our guide, you can complete this mystery in a few minutes. While you are here, make sure to check our list of the best farming games for Android.

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