Hello Neighbor 2 multiplayer - Can you play co-op?

The character is staying in front of the buildings in Hello Neighbor 2.

The character is staying in front of the buildings in Hello Neighbor 2.

After the successful release of Hello Neighbor, Hello Neighbor 2 was one of the most anticipated video games in 2022. A Hello Neighbor 2 multiplayer mode was widely discussed before the release and they're continuing now you can jump in yourself.

In this guide, we'll go over whether you can play co-op in Hello Neighbor 2 and if there are multiplayer options in the game. Let’s get into it!

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Hello Neighbor 2 Multiplayer

Like its predecessor, Hello Neighbor 2 does not have a multiplayer mode. You can play the game and hide from the angry Neighbor solo only. If you want to buy Hello Neighbor 2 to play with friends, I wouldn't rush out to buy it.

However, there's always a chance that multiplayer comes to Hello Neighbor 2 in the future, and we'll go into that in more detail below.

Will co-op multiplayer be added to Hello Neighbor 2?

The character is sitting on the sofa in Hello Neighbor 2.
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Since the announcement of Hello Neighbor 2, there has been no official confirmation of the development of a co-op mode. Moreover, Eerie Guest and tinyBuild, the leading developers of this game, have not commented on a multiplayer mode coming to the game. As a result, playing the game with friends right now is impossible.

Some fans expect a multiplayer mode to be added to Hello Neighbor 2 down the line, but that's based on nothing but a hunch. There was such a mode in the first game, which allowed you to get in a lobby with your friends and solve Neighbor mysteries together, so maybe that'll be introduced in the future.

It took two years for the developers to release the mode in Hello Neighbor, but again, nothing has been said about it coming to the sequel.

Keep an eye on the developer’s official accounts on social media to see if they mention it soon.

In conclusion, even though many players over the world hope to see the multiplayer mode in Hello Neighbor 2, it does not support co-op right now. However, there is a chance that the developers will add it in the future. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best gacha games.

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