Hello Neighbor 2 safe codes

Angry character under the bed in Hello Neighbor 2.

Angry character under the bed in Hello Neighbor 2.

Like its predecessor, Hello Neighbor 2 features various interesting puzzles you need to complete in order to escape the neighbour and stay alive. One of the most challenging missions early on in the game involved getting Hello Neighbor 2 safe codes and finding some important cubes. It's proven tricky for a lot of players so far.

To help you out if you're stuck, this guide will cover all of the Hello Neighbor 2 safe codes and how to go about cracking the first safe. Moreover, there will be a detailed breakdown of how to get the colourful cubes used to crack the safe.

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The enemy is about to hit you in Hello Neighbor 2.
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Hello Neighbor 2 safe codes

Firstly, while you need a code to open the safe, you will also need to collect special colourful cubes scattered across the house. It's not until you have those that the mission will be complete and you can grab what is in the safe.

The safe code for Hello Neighbor 2 is 1984. Again, you need to obtain four different colour cubes to unlock the safe and we'll get into when to find them.

You got caught in Hello Neighbor 2.
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8 Cube

The game’s first and the most straightforward cube to find is the cube with the number eight on it. You'll find it on the desk right next to the safe. So, you only need to pick it up and place it on the shelf above the locker. After that, you can continue finding the other cubes.

9 Cube

The second cube you will find playing Hello Neighbor 2 is a cube with the number nine on it. This cube is located inside the toilet. Therefore, it is much harder to avoid getting caught while bringing this cube to the shelf above the locker.

1 Cube

The cube with the number one on it is tough to get in Hello Neighbor 2. You can find it inside the cupboard on the left side of the green couch. Again, take it to the same place as the others.

4 Cube

The last cube you need to find is the one with the number four on it. It is located inside the fridge, behind the dish. Be sure to remove the dish after you grab the cube as well.

Also, remember that you can follow any sequence to unlock the safe in Hello Neighbor 2. The suggested line in this guide is just the most straightforward. Using it, you can open the safe in the fastest possible way.

In conclusion, the safe code in Hello Neighbor 2 is 1984 but it is impossible to unlock the safe with just a code. You should find four colourful cubes and place them on the shelf about the safe first. And while you are still here, make sure to check out what we know about the Hello Neighbor 2 multiplayer functionality.

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