What are the Have a Nice Death medallions for?

Combat in Have a Nice Death

Combat in Have a Nice Death

If you've played the game and you're wondering what the Have a Nice Death medallions are for, you're well on your way to completing the game. It leaves plenty of its mechanics unexplained, encouraging you to figure things out on your own. But with the Medallions being tricky to keep hold of, there's no fun hunting them down without proper motivation.

As this touches on some late-game moments, there will be light spoilers in the following guide. It won't give major spoilers to the story but will reveal something about how one of the bosses shows up.

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What are the medallions for in Have a Nice Death?

The Have a Nice Death medallions are used to unlock the secret ending. There are three that you can find in the following locations:

  • 1st locker (breakroom) - spend 3 gold Anima or 6 blue Anima.
  • 2nd locker (shop) - spend 1 Prismium.
  • 3rd locker (found at random in front of one of the minibosses) - this will buff the next miniboss or boss you fight.

You can only grab them after you beat the final boss. To see what the Medallions are used for, you have to find all three in one playthrough and beat the final boss again. Lose on the way and you'll have to grab all three again.

You can do the whole trip on easy mode to get a feel for things, but actually using the medallions will kick things up to an even higher difficulty than usual. You've been warned.

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