How to get the secret ending in Have a Nice Death

Death in Have a Nice Death

Death in Have a Nice Death

If you're looking to know how to get the Have a Nice Death secret ending, here's how to make a play for it. Given that the game is all about death and reincarnation, it's designed to be played through a few times. And you'll need to clear a run before you can attempt the true ending.

As you might expect, there are spoilers below for some major parts of the game. This will go over the pieces you need to pick up to get the true ending and the boss you will take on. If you don't want this spoiled, beat the game once and come back to learn the next piece of the puzzle.

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How to get the secret ending in Have a Nice Death

If you're looking to get the Have a Nice Death true ending, you have to first beat the game.

You do this by reaching World 8 and taking on Time. You'll then see an innocent cutscene of Death going on vacation. Unfortunately, their work isn't done. You'll have to go back into the world to take out the real culprit of the unruly workplace.

Combat in Have a Nice Death
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To get to the true boss, you have to find three artefacts. They'll only be visible after you've beaten Time and you'll need to grab all three in the same run before taking on and defeating Time again. Die, and you'll have to start over in your next.

The artefact medallion pieces you'll need are hidden in lockers in the following sections:

  • 1st locker (breakroom) - spend 3 gold Anima or 6 blue Anima.
  • 2nd locker (shop) - spend 1 Prismium
  • 3rd locker (found at random in front of one of the minibosses) - this will buff the next miniboss you fight.

Grab all three medallions and beat Time again and you'll wind up in a final secret world where you can beat the real final boss and get a secret ending. We'll avoid going over too much detail here to avoid major story spoilers.

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