Gotham Knights smoke bombs - How to unlock and use

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Nightwing using a smoke bomb to grapple away in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights smoke bombs can be an incredibly useful way to get out of an encounter you aren't ready for. That being said, you may want to learn how to unlock and properly use them first. This is everything you need to know about smoke bombs in Gotham Knights.

As well as going over how to unlock smoke bombs, we'll explain how they work, when you should use them, and whether or not you can upgrade them. To go along with this, we'll go over a few handy traversal tips.

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How to unlock smoke bombs in Gotham Knights

You will have smoke bombs unlocked from the very start of the your time with Gotham Knights. However, it doesn't tell you how to use them until you try out the training exercises.

You can find these by going to the Belfry Tower and looking for the training dummy in the main area. This will give you access to a handful of tutorials, explaining the game's mechanics. Click on the smoke bomb tutorial to learn how they work.

This being said, if you don't want to go through a tutorial (which will net you some resources), simply hold down the grapple button when enemies have found you. Instead of merely moving to where you have grappled, you'll careen upwards and a smoke bomb will drop at your feet.

This confuses enemies, giving you a chance to escape. Use the momentum of this to move into a good hiding spot, until the guards lose track of you. From there, you can try to pick them off silently.

Nightwing rappelling away from enemies after dropping a smoke bomb in Gotham Knights
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Can you upgrade the smoke bombs in Gotham Knights?

You can't upgrade the smoke bomb in Gotham Knights. As such, there's no way to have more smoke bombs in your inventory, or to make them last longer, giving you extra time to flee your disoriented adversaries.

This being said, you can upgrade most of your gear in some sense. Once you have gained the Knighthood skill tree, you will have access to gear upgrades. Putting upgrade points into specific pieces of armour can benefit your sneakiness, which will help you get around even more quietly.

As the smoke bombs play into your stealth abilities, you should further upgrade your stealth abilities in the skills tab to benefit from them more.

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