How to beat Rahu the Avatar in Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2 boss Rahu, a holographic red head, staring at the player
Credit: Tim Lord // Gfinity Esports

Ghostrunner 2 boss Rahu, a holographic red head, staring at the player
Credit: Tim Lord // Gfinity Esports

If the basic enemies weren't enough to get you sweating, the boss fights in Ghostrunner 2 certainly will. The game's second boss is a big departure from the straightforward fight against Ahriman, so in this guide we'll share how to beat Rahu in Ghostrunner 2.

He's not much of a fighter, but Rahu has plenty of minions to keep you occupied and introduces a few new gameplay mechanics that can be annoying if you don't know why you keep getting tossed around. Add a healthy dose of annoying parkour on top, and you'd be forgiven for looking for help.

Before we break the boss fight down, learn more about the game with our Ghostrunner 2 walkthrough hub. We've also got a Ghostrunner 2 review you should check out.

How to beat Rahu in Ghostrunner 2

To defeat Rahu in Ghostrunner 2, you'll need to get to grips with the portals the game now expects you to master. Put simply, enter one and you'll exit another at the same speed. Portals will also save you from falling to death.

On your way to the arena, you'll also meet the first of many incredibly annoying holograms; it teleports away if you get too close, so make use of the nearby portals to quickly dash and slash before it escapes.

Ghostrunner 2 boss Rahu with arms outstretched bathed in red light
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Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports
Rahu's second phase is all about parkour and dodging.

Phase one

As if one hologram wasn't enough, now you have to deal with several at once. The pointers below should help you deal with these transparent troublemakers quickly, with each one you kill lowering Rahu's health bar.

  • Dash through portals to reach the holograms quickly
  • Use a shuriken to stun holograms then grapple onto them for a finisher
  • Parry or block the projectiles when needed
    • This is easier with the Smooth Moves upgrade
  • Portals directly connect two opposite islands together
  • Holograms will try to escape to the island they are opposite
  • Speed is key - the projectiles quickly build up

When you've gotten Rahu the Avatar's health bar to around three quarters, a portal opens at the bottom of the arena. This will save you from falling to death, and you can use it to drop down onto holograms - shuriken are most effective for securing kills in this stage, however.

At half health, holograms will begin to float around the centre of the arena. Jump down into the big portal in the centre to drop down on them, and hold the dash button to slow down time if necessary. It's worth noting that you can slash while 'riding' a hologram to take out any others that are nearby.

Ghostrunner 2 boss Rahu with a laser grid in front of him
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Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports
Lasers are easiest to avoid if you hold the dash button in midair.

Phase two

When you're done with the holograms, it's time for parkour in the Rahu fight. The previous levels taught you to hit the grapple hook button to avoid falling through the orange platforms, so always make sure the path ahead is blue before trying to stand on it.

You'll notice that Rahu is still attacking. Look out for a black orb with orange energy, as this telegraphs an upcoming attack. Avoiding these is usually as simple as jumping over a shockwave and dashing back towards the wall.

Checkpoints are activated every time you reach a new portal. The most difficult sections involve lasers, so we've compiled some tips below.

  • Chest-high lasers should be slid under and usually appear twice
  • Ground-pounds usually happen twice in quick succession
  • Laser grids can come any direction - slow down time by holding the dash button in mid-air to dodge
  • Some boost pads can be ignored if you dash to the next platform
  • You can change orange platforms to blue while slowing down time

The most challenging part of the fight comes as you make your way up Rahu's body towards his eyes. The laser walls force you to swerve hard to the left and right, but if you're constantly falling on your way to the next platform it's possible to fall back onto the bounce pad you already jumped from without dying. Don't give up - this is the final part.

It'll take several deaths, but reaching his eyes will win the fight and reward you with a trophy or achievement. Sadly, beating Rahu won't give you a new sword to enjoy, but you'll probably still be glad to be done with him.

Now that you've got another boss under your belt, you should check out our guide to beating machine gunners if they're giving you trouble. If you loved the boss' aesthetics, you should use our guide to photo mode to capture some great shots like we did above.

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