How to beat Naga the Sandworm in Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2 sandworm churning through rock and sand
Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports

Ghostrunner 2 sandworm churning through rock and sand
Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports

The motorbike is an amazing part of Ghostrunner 2, but it's all too easy to slam into something at high speed and die unceremoniously. The game's third boss is fought almost exclusively on two wheels, and really puts your mastery of the bike to the test. In this guide, we'll explain how to beat Naga in Ghostrunner 2.

The sandworm is a real menace both inside and out, with acid attacks and an obscenely large body getting in the way of an otherwise pleasant Sunday drive through the wasteland. Checkpoints are fairly forgiving in this fight, but it'll still take a good bit of trial and error to take Naga down.

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How to beat Naga in Ghostrunner 2

Unlike the humanoid bosses before it, Naga is a massive sandworm with an attitude problem. You'll need to master the art of driving at high speeds while weaving around all manner of horribly deadly obstacles.

Phase one

The first phase mostly involves accurate driving through the wasteland; pay attention to the shape of the path ahead, as you'll quickly die if you hit a wall or Naga itself.

  • When Naga's behind you, boost whenever possible. The orange light around you will be more intense when it's close
  • Don't forget that you can boost for more speed in mid-air
  • Avoid red circles before and after acid lands on them
  • Try not to swerve when launching off ramps

You'll effectively be guided by the level in this phase, so look out for anything yellow to point you in the right direction. You can also drive on walls if they have a small ramp at their base.

Acid splashing the ground in Ghostrunner 2
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Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports
Acid is dangerous for a few seconds after it lands.

Phase two

This is where things get interesting. You're literally in the belly of the beast and have to deal with its obnoxious appetite of sawblades and acid-bugs; the good news is that checkpoints are plentiful, and the bad news is that the deaths will be numerous.

  • If it's green and glowing in the distance, it's an acid bug. Shoot before they get close, but don't hold the button down or your guns will overheat.
  • You can also use the sword on acid bugs safely
  • Spam the sword button when you're in corridors full of glowing pustules to deal damage
  • Don't be afraid to slow down a bit for easier dodging
  • If the screen starts going green, boost to avoid death
  • Look for red lights - they show where the path continues

As mentioned previously, the checkpoints in this phase are plentiful. You can expect a new one after every crush trap, as the traps will change slightly in the area after each one.

  • When saws start popping in and out, they'll alternate right before you reach them. Go where they were, not where they will be
  • Boosting will get you killed in these sections - take it slow-ish
  • Kira will give you a heads up before each weak point
  • Keep looking for red lights - you'll be forced to drive on the walls

Eventually, you'll be told that you're reaching an exit - boost up the ramp and shoot like your life depends on it to end the fight in style.

Ghostrunner 2 sawblades in a circular tunnel
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Credit: Kieron West / Gfinity Esports
The second phase is all about weaving through sawblades - boosting will usually get you killed.

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