How to customise sword in Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2 katana inspection; red hilt with glowing purple wisps
Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports

Ghostrunner 2 katana inspection; red hilt with glowing purple wisps
Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports

Looking to add some flair to your massacres in Ghostrunner 2? The game expected this, and has provided plenty of customisation options. In this guide, we'll explain how you can customise your sword, motorcycle, and gloves in Ghostrunner 2.

Gameplay is king in the Ghostrunner games' dystopian world, but there's an undeniably cool aesthetic underlining the whole thing with the neon signs, decaying robots, and of course, glowing ninja swords. Players who purchased the game's Deluxe or Brutal Editions get more options than others, but there's still plenty of swords and gloves available for everyone.

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How to customise sword in Ghostrunner 2

To change your sword in Ghostrunner 2, you'll need to press the touchpad and navigate to the 'armory' tab. For players on other platforms, you'll need to check the game's control schemes via the settings menu to see which button 'upgrades' is attached to.

From there, you can hover over any of the swords you've found over the course of the game; pressing X will immediately equip them. This can be done in HQ or during a mission. New swords are usually hidden quite well, but some are naturally unlocked by beating bosses like Ahriman and completing certain missions.

If you're looking for the swords unlocked via the special editions of the game, pressing R2 will take you to them. Swords don't give any gameplay advantages, but it could be argued that looking cool can give you a slight edge in combat.

As a nice touch, you can also see all of the swords you've collected during gameplay; next time you're in headquarters, look at the walls left of the upgrade machine to see your collection in all of its glory.

Ghostrunner 2 customisation interface
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Credit: Gfinity Esports // Kieron West
Hover over the sword and press X to equip it. Special edition swords are hidden in another tab.

How to customise gloves and motorcycle in Ghostrunner 2

The process of changing your gloves and motorcycle's looks is very similar. From the armory tab, hover over the Gloves or Motorcycle icon and press X to see the options on offer.

Unlike swords, the options provided by the special editions are shown in the main tabs. Gloves change the way your hands look during gameplay, and the motorcycle is limited to certain missions. The new looks don't provide any gameplay bonuses, but a cool-looking motorcycle will definitely make you feel like you're moving faster.

That's everything we can tell you about customisation in Ghostrunner 2. While you're here, check out our Ghostrunner 2 walkthrough hub for a list of all our guides. We also have a review of the game with our thoughts!

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