Genshin Impact Mysterious Core locations

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Genshin Impact Henri in ground mysterious core locations guide

The Mysterious Corein Genshin Impact is used in the Truly Mouthwatering! quest. This quest is unlocked by helping Henri, a man who is buried in the sands in the land of Fontaine. Henri asks players to find seven Mysterious Cores in order to complete a commission given by his "boss". Learn the Mysterious Core locations and gather all seven of them.

Completing this quest gives you insight into the role of the Fatui and their activities in Fontaine. If you're interested in learning about that, we highly recommend completing this quest. So let's check out all seven Mysterious Core locations.

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All Mysterious Core locations in Fontaine in Genshin Impact

The quest takes players through a series of stunning locations in Genshin Impact, each holding a clue to the nature of these mysterious artifacts. A total of seven Mysterious Cores are needed. Here's a rundown of the Mysterious Core locations. Once you get there, you just need to pummel them with Pneuma and Ousia energy and clear the challenges surrounding each core.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Map mysterious core locations marked
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Waverider Waypoint, Elynas

Begin your journey by visiting the Waverider Waypoint and venturing north along the shoreline. Keep your eyes peeled for a machine harbouring the first Mysterious Core.

Mysterious Island Telegraph Waypoint

The island to the right holds a secret. Utilise the Telegraph Waypoint on its southern end, then head northeast to unearth another Mysterious Core.

Fontaine Talent Domain

Make your way to the Talent Domain in Fontaine, then proceed a short distance north to stumble upon the fourth Mysterious Core, hidden in plain sight.

Northeast Teleport Waypoint

Teleport northeast of the previous location and travel west to find the fifth Mysterious Core, keeping the adventure alive.

Northern Waypoint Exploration

Utilise the Waypoint to the north and continue westward to secure the sixth Mysterious Core, unravelling the quest's secrets step by step.

Elynas Waterfall Oasis

Set your course for the western south-most Waypoint in Elynas. Follow the waterfall and river's course until you reach the shoreline, where the second Mysterious Core awaits. This spot also connects to the Book of Revealing's Enigmatic Pages.

Fontaine Fishing Association Route

Your final destination is within reach. Swim north (slightly northwest) or teleport to the Waypoint northeast of the Fontaine Fishing Association and swim south to collect the last Mysterious Core.

End of Quest


Once all seven Mysterious Cores are gathered, it's time to retrace your steps and return to Henri. This momentous occasion marks a turning point in the quest, where the curtain is lifted, and the true nature of Henri's mission is revealed. As the pieces fall into place, the quest intertwines with Genshin Impact's lore, unmasking a hidden connection to the enigmatic Fatui organisation.

With Henri's tale told and the Fatui's intrigue exposed, the Mysterious Cores' significance becomes clear. These elusive, Mysterious Cores play a pivotal role in the unfolding narrative of Fontaine.

We hope this guide helped you find all the Mysterious Core locations. For more helpful guides, learn the locations of all the Rainbow Roses and Strange Parts.

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