Fortnite: How to Get Major Mancake

Fortnite: How to Get Major Mancake

Fortnite: How to Get Major Mancake

If you're looking into how to get Major Mancake in Fortnite, this is what you should know. Fortnite is pretty well known for the sheer volume of great collaborations it has taken part in, and this bizarre take on a Fall Guys crossover yet another case for skins that aren't as easily accessible as you'd expect.

There are a couple of hoops you have to jump through to do this. Luckily, all you have to do is play Fall Guys, which everyone seems to be doing right now anyway. Its big free-to-play push has seen it skyrocket in popularity again, causing Fall Guys error codes to spike.

If you're playing it and want to know all about the Fortnite Naruto Nindo Challenges, here's what we know about that as well. It's a great way to get some free cosmetics: including a big slippery snake glider.

How to unlock Major Mancake in Fortnite

If you want to unlock Mancake in Fortnite, there are a few things you have to do first. Starting off, make yourself an Epic Account. Install Fall Guys and make sure both Fall Guys and Fortnite are signed in to the same account.

From here, you have to boot up Fall Guys to finish the Crown Clash.

Fortnite: How to Get Major Mancake
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What are Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenges?

As you get into the game, go into your challenges and you will see a handful of major objectives. Play 100 rounds of any show to finish all of them.

You don't have to win any of these rounds, you just have to get in there and start. Though it may take you some time to get it done, you have until July 11 to get them all done.

If you fail to do them by this point, you will miss out on the skin. Once these challenges have been finished, log back into Fortnite and you should automatically have the new skin unlocked. As well as getting him, finishing these challenges will get you the Sweet Clementine pickaxe, Waffler back bling, Stacked With Love emoticon, and Stacked! spray.

If you're playing the game yourself, here's what we know about the Fortnite Crew Pack for July 2022. If you already have that, check out our choice for the best mouse for Fortnite. You can't play at your best if your mouse isn't.

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