Fortnite Naruto Nindo Challenges and Tips

Fortnite Naruto Challenges and tips
June 25, 2022: The new Fortnite Naruto skins are now in the shop.

Fortnite has come so far over the last few years. Planned to be a co-op campaign experience, the initial release wasn't nearly as successful as the battle royale mode. If you're looking to complete the Fortnite Naruto Nindo challenges, this is what you need to know.

This is just the start of so many planned updates for the game in the future. As Fortnite continues to crossover with other games, we can expect more challenges, loot and more. Luckily, we know a lot about the Fortnite Naruto crossover so far.

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Naruto Fortnite Challenges - How to Get The Manda Glider

Finish a match in the Top six five times
Survive 24 Storm Circles
Catch 20 fish
Eliminate 18 players

There are four main badge types you can get in the new Fortnite Naruto challenge. For Itachi, you have to finish in the top six five times. You don't have to do this in a row so you can just keep playing. If you are relatively okay at the game, you should focus on trying to stay alive and avoid conflict.

The Gaara badge requires surviving 24 Storm Circles. Like the last one, this is something you will naturally do as you play the game.

If you want to catch fish for Hinata's badge, go to one of the many lakes on the map and look for nearby barrels. These barrels contain a fishing rod you can use. Just cast it and pull it up when you snag something.

Finally, Orochimaru's badge requires killing players. For this, go into maps and get as aggressive as you possibly can. Go to areas that hold a few people at a time, loot for a good gun and take it easy. Generally, if you play it slow and use your environment well, you can take down almost anyone.

Here's what you get for each badge type:

  • One badge in the Itachi path unlocks the Shocked Itachi Emoticon.
  • One badge in the Gaara path unlocks the Focused Gaara Emoticon.
  • One badge in the Hinata path unlocks the Byakugan Hinata Emoticon.
  • One badge in the Orochimaru path unlocks the Orochimaru's Smile Emoticon
  • Five badges of one path unlock 20,000 XP. You can earn up to 80,000 XP total by unlocking all five badges of all the paths.
  • Ten badges of any of the paths unlock the Akatsuki Wrap.
  • Complete all four paths to claim the final reward of the Manda Glider.

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