Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite - locations and is it good?

Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite locations - Is it good?

Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite locations - Is it good?

If you're looking for the Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite locations, here's everything we know about the new Fortnite weapon right now. Being a solid choice of shotgun, it has tonnes of power if you're willing to withstand a slightly longer reload time. It's worth picking up if you have the time to hunt it down.

As well as going over how to find the gun, we'll go over what exactly it is and what you should do to get it at its rarest tier. We'll also go over some basic information to get the very best out of it. This is one worth paying attention to.

Once you have figured out exactly how the Lever Action Shotgun works, you may want to know all there is to know about the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 battle pass. If this isn't what you're looking for, here are the rarest Fortnite skins and how to refund items in Fortnite.

How to find the Lever Action Shotgun in Fortnite

There are a handful of ways you can get your hands on the Lever Action Shotgun.

Firstly, you can take it from any enemies you manage to take down. Secondly, you can find it by exploring the map. Some chests will hold the shotgun, but you want to look a little harder for the rarer forms.

The Reality Saplings from last season are still around, so busting those open can be an easy way of finding the Level Action Shotgun in Fortnite.

Luckily, you can also buy it from an NPC. In between Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows sits a factory. You can find an NPC here who will sell you the shotgun.

Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite locations - Is it good?
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What is the Lever Action Shotgun in Fortnite?

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The Lever Action Shotgun is a spread shotgun with high damage at close range. It's great when enemies get a little too close and nice to have in your back pocket when clearing out buildings.

It comes in four different rarities and gets extended range and damage the higher you go up. For this reason, it's worth grabbing one and throwing it into your inventory.

Is the Fortnite Lever Action Shotgun good?

To put it simply, the Fortnite Lever Action Shotgun is good. Like the Pump Action Shotgun, it has substantial damage, but it can't be exploited to get cheap shots out easily like the Pump Shotgun. It seems like this was the team's solution to that problem.

Being designed to replace it, this gun will feel very familiar to anyone familiar with Fortnite's shotguns. if you have a good ranged weapon, this is the perfect way to finish out your inventory spaces.

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