Best Fortnite landing spots Chapter 3 Season 4

best fortnite landing spots

The fact is that with every new season, the Fortnite map receives some minor changes, and Chapter 3 Season 4 is no exception. In this update, Epic Games provided various changes to the map. As a result, some previous landing spots for season 3 are no longer available and many players are looking for the best Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 3 Season 4.

Read this guide, and you will find out about the best spots in this season. And it does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this guide is suitable for everyone. So, no time to lose. Let’s get started!

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Best Fortnite Landing Spots - Chapter 3 Season 4

Below, we've broken down out choice for the best Fortnite landing spots in the current season. As the best options change, we'll be sure to keep this guide updated.

Reality Tree

Fortnite reality tree, Best Fortnite Landing Spots
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Reality Tree remains one of the best landing spots from the previous season. In the current update, developers have slightly changed this area. They made it smaller but have not changed the loot. So, be ready to participate in hard battles for weapons here.

Even though this location is tiny, there are various resources and chests here. And one of the best locations here is under the tree. Here you will find the most valuable loot in this location.

And talking about safety, Reality Tree can provide you with probably the best combination of protection and loot. You will never meet more than five players here, making this locations the best choice for beginners.

Tilted Towers

Fortnite Tilted Towers, Best Fortnite Landing Spots
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The first and foremost thing you need to know is that Tilted Towers is the most popular location in Fortnite. These towers were a big part of the game even in Chapter 1. And since that time, this location has not been changed.

Titled Towers is located in the middle of the map. Therefore, you can easily reach any circle after rotation. Also, there are various resources here. It is pretty hard to find a location that will provide you with more resources than Tilted Towers.

But there is one disadvantage. Tilted towers is the most hazardous location in Fortnite. The fact is that a decent amount of players regularly land there. Some individuals land on Tilted Towers just to participate in the big fight. So, if you are a beginner, try to choose another landing location.

Herald’s Sanctum

Fortnite Herald's Sanctum, Best Fortnite Landing Spots
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Herald’s Sanctum is the first new location on this list. During the first few days after the Season 4 update, Herald’s Sanctum was extremely popular. A lot of players landed there to see the update. However, everything has calmed down, and you will never see more than 10 players here.

And the main feature of Herald’s Sanctum is that here you can find the new boss - Herald. This boss is not so dangerous, so you can easily take the loot and ignore Herald if you want.

As Herald’s Sanctum is located close to the center of the map, rotation from this location is not a big problem. Moreover, there is a chance to get a vehicle, making rotation even quicker. So, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional player, landing on Herald’s Sanctum is always a good idea.

Shimmering Shrine

Fortnite Shimmering Shrine
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Shimmering Shrine is one more location in this list from the previous seasons. Last season this location was home to the Indiana Jones puzzle, which was one of the main quests of previous seasons. However, this quest was deleted from the game in the current update.

Even though it was removed, one of the main features of Shimmering Shrine remains the same - here, you can find many chrome chests. And the fact is that you can get rare and valuable loot from chrome chests. Moreover, here you will never meet many players, making this location a perfect choice for those who want to be safe.

And the last thing you need to know is that Shimmering Shrine is located near Herald’s Sanctum and Rocky Reels. Therefore, if you have not found loot there, you can easily switch locations and try to get some resources fast.

Cloudy Condos

Cloudy Condos Fortnite
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Cloudy Condos is the new landing location added in Chapter 3 Season 4. It is located in the south of the map, just in the same place as Condo Canyon. However, Cloudy Condos are located higher. And there are a lot of zip lines and other lifts which allow you to climb on various bridges and other constructions.

The main feature of Cloudy Condos is not the loot. Conversely, people land here to participate in exciting fights in the early stages of survival. Therefore, choosing another, safer location with more resources is recommended if you hope to win.

But if your purpose is to kill a few enemies and get out, Cloudy Condos is a perfect choice. And if you want to enjoy the most significant difficulty, opt for duo mode.

Rave Cave

Rave Cave Fortnite
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Rave Cave is the new landing area added in Chapter 3 Season 4. The main thing you need to know about this location is that you can find extremely high amounts of loot here. You can easily equip even a complete squad in Rave Cave, which is exciting.

Also, one more advantage of the Rave Cave is that this area is pretty extensive. Therefore, even if 15 players land here, you will never have a problem with other players. There is enough loot for everyone.

And the last thing you need to know about Rave Cave is that even though it is located far from the center of the map, it boasts good mobility. A wind tunnel allows you to float away and approach another location. Also, there are a few launchpads, ballers, and slipstreams.

The Lake

The Lake Fortnite
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Just like Tilted Towers, The Lake is one of the oldest landing locations in Fortnite. Conversely to the Tilted Towers, Epic Games has changed this location a few times. In Chapter 3 Season 4, it remains one of the best landing locations.

One of the main features of this location is an airship. This airship is a perfect spot to get some Chrome, thanks to the NPC. Moreover, you can find an extremely high amount of chests. Also, there are some chrome chests, which give much more loot than classic ones.

And you should be pretty careful while you are on this spot. The fact is that there are a few sharks inside the lake. These sharks can easily bite you, dealing significant damage.

In conclusion, Chapter 3 Season 4 has various interesting landing locations. You can even land on Cloudy Condos to participate in exciting battles at the start of the round. Just keep in mind that only you decide wherever to land.

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