Final Fantasy XVI voice actors and cast

A character with a huge sword in Final Fantasy XVI.

A character with a huge sword in Final Fantasy XVI.

The voice cast of a video game significantly contributes to the game’s popularity, but the names of voice actors mostly remain unnoticed. That's not the case for Final Fantasy XVI though, with the latest entry in the long-running franchise featuring plenty of voiceover veterans. Therefore, the situation with Final Fantasy XVI voice actors is different.

Read the guide, and you will find all Final Fantasy XVI voice actors. There will be actors not only who voice the main characters in the upcoming RPG, but also those who voice important secondary heroes.

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English voice actors in Final Fantasy XVI

Multiple characters are going to the crystal in Final Fantasy XVI.
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This is a list of the nine characters with English voices already confirmed. Most voice actors who worked on Final Fantasy XVI already had some experience in different significant projects across the gaming industry. As a result, the game is likely to have a high-quality voice track. Below, you can find the table with the main voice actors for Final Fantasy XVI, as confirmed by Square Enix so far.

Voice Actor
Ben Starr
Clive Rosfield
Logan Hannan
Joshua Rosfield
Charlotte McBurney
Jill Warwick (kid)
Susannah Fielding
Jill Warwick (Adult)
Ralph Ineson
Cidolfus Telamon
Nina Yndis
Benedikta Harman
Alex Lanipekun
Hugo Kupka
Stewart Clarke
Dion Lesage
David Menkin
Barnabas Tharmr

Clive Rosfield voice actor

Ben Starr is a famous voice actor who also worked on voicing the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI. Clive is the rightful successor to Rosaria, but the title of leader is passed straight onto his younger brother, Joshua.

Joshua Rosfield voice actor

Even though Logan Hannan is the youngest member of the voice cast of Final Fantasy XVI, he has an important role. Here voices Joshua Rosfield, the new ruler of Rosaria. Also, he voiced little Hugo in Plague Tale: Innocence.

Jill Warwick child voice actor

As well as Logan Hannan, Charlotte McBurney previously worked on A Plague Tale: Innocence. Here she voices Jill Warwick, Clive's childhood friend and future Dominant of Shiva.

Jill Warwick adult voice actor

Susannah Fielding is the most experienced actor in the voice cast of Final Fantasy XVI. She voices the adult version of Jill.

Cidolfus Telamon voice actor

Ralph Ineson is a famous actor who has played an essential role in over 20 films. In Final Fantasy XVI, his voice will be used for Cidolfus Telamon, the Dominant of Ramuh and a leader of his own, separate kingdom.

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Benedikta Harman voice actor

Even though Niny Yndis is primarily a producer, in Final Fantasy XVI, she has got the voicing role of one of the leading secondary characters. Benedikta Harman, her character, is both a spy as well as the Dominant of Garuda.

Hugo Kupka voice actor

Alex Lenipekun is a British voice actor who has positions in various famous films. In the game, he will voice Hugo Kupka, who is the Dominant of Titan.

Dion Lesage voice actor

Although Stewart Clarke is not a famous voice actor, he has one of the prominent roles in Final Fantasy XVI. He plays Dion Lesage, the Dominant of Bahamut and crown prince of Sanbreque.

Barnabas Tharmr voice actor

David Menkin is famous for his voice actor roles in Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, and various other popular series. In a far more serious role, he plays Barnabas Tharmr, the Dominant of Odin and king of Waloed.

That’s it for the voice actors in Final Fantasy XVI! As soon as we know more about these characters and the talented professionals who voice them, we'll update this guide. Until then, check out the best FFXIV mods for 2023.

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