Dislyte Voice Actors And Cast List

Started playing the game and think you recognise a voice? Chances are you've heard them somewhere before. To help jog your memory, here are all of the Dislyte voice actors and which Esper they play.

Dislyte has over 60 Espers available to play as, and each comes with a unique look, personality, and voice-over. For such a big game, this is an incredible feat. Dislyte places you in a dystopian world, a city on the edge of collapse, where you collect your Espers to fight back against the enemies. There are almost infinite team combinations between different weapons, abilities and buffs for you to try, and so many loveable characters.

Check out our Dislyte tier list to see how your team matches up. If you're a bit stuck, we have a Starimon guide and how to get Relics too, to spice up your Espers.

All Confirmed Dislyte Voice Actors

Here is the full list of all voice acters in Dislyte:

Voice Actor
Alexa (Aphrodite)
Elissa Park
Anesidora (Pandora)
Dana Weddle
Arcana (Hermes)
Eddy Yeung
Asenath (Nefertem)
Luci Christian
Bai Luili (White Snake)
Lauren Hancock
Bardon (Baldr)
Nathan Nokes
Berenice (Bastet)
Nicky Boland
Biondina (Poseidon)
Cat Protano
Bonnie (Eris)
Aimee Smith
Brynn (Valkyrie)
Kira Elizabeth
Catherine (Hela)
Alanna Reece
Cecilia (Isis)
Alanna Reece
Celine (Siren)
Amy Lovato
Chalmers (Idun)
Micah Mason
Chang Pu (Yao Ji)
Valerie Shyokina
Chloe (Medea)
Katabelle Ansari
Clara (Hera)
Alaina Wis
David (Jason)
Antonio Greco
Dhalia (Calypso)
Michelle Morgan
Djoser (Atum)
Mylo Reid
Donar (Thor)
Mar Andersons
Drew (Anubis)
Karlton Sheley
Eira (Freya)
Arianna Angeline
Fabrice (Freyr)
Anthony Phan
Falken (Horus)
Steven Kelly
Freddy (Fenrir)
Angel Guadarrama
Gabrielle (Njord)
Abigail Turner
Hall (Hodur)
Eddy Yeung
Helena (Helen)
Breanna Macdowall
Heng Yue (Chang'e)
Sydney Hymanson
Hyde (Hades)
Bart Flynn
Jacob (Jormungand)
Daniel Amerman
Jeanne (Gerd)
Aimee Smith
Jiang Man (Meng Po)
Amber Lee Connors
Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother)
Madison Brunoehler
Kara (Serket)
Sheila Williams
Kaylee (Anuket)
Laura Quiambao
Lauren (Heket)
Vii Zedek
Layla (Medjed)
Holly Lindin
Leon (Vali)
Robert Kemp
Lewis (Ares)
Andy Lambrianidis
Li Ao (Tao Tie)
Brent Miller
Li Ling (Nezha)
Eddy Yeung
Lin Xiao (White Tiger)
Nicole Kurdziel
Long Mian (Ao Bing)
P.M. Seymour
Lu Yi (Dayi)
Aaron Smith
Lucas (Apollo)
Daniel Amerman
Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang)
Geraro Nunez
Lynn (Hathor)
Jess Nahikian
Melanie (Medusa)
Tanya Saari
Mona (Artemis)
Carrie Drovdlic
Narmer (Ra)
Kieran Flitton
Pritzker (Mimir)
Si Hawk
Q (Eros)
Alejandro Arias
Raven (Odin)
Holly Lindin
Ren Si (Black Tortoise)
Rory Morris
Sally (Sif)
Amanda Goodman
Sander (Set)
Steven Kelly
Sienna (Gaia)
Melba Sibrel King
Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong)
Stephen Roe
Tang Yun (Six-Eared Macaque)
Christopher Glass
Taylor (Hercules)
Blythe Melin
Tevor (Sphinx)
Mike Previti
Tiye (Nut)
Sam Slade
Triki (Loki)
Rex Anderson
Unas (Shu)
Mike Rad
Unky Chai (Yue Lao)
Judd Shiffler
Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei)
Madison Brunoehler
Xie Yuzhi (Death Guard Bai)
Ellie Dritch
Ye Suhua (Shao Siming)
Iliana Babler
Zelmer (Sekhmet)
Melba Sibrel King

Some voice actors have taken on multiple roles - for instance, Eddy Yeung is three different characters including goth star Hall, and Holly Lindin is two standout characters: Raven and Layla.

Recognisable Names In Dislyte's Cast

Within Dislyte's cast, there are a few recognisable names amongst the up-and-coming actors. Here's the official IMDB page so you can see what they've all done.

For instance, the first hero we meet, Brynn, is voiced by Kira Buckland - better known as 2B from Nier: Automata and a long-standing actor in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Aimee Smith, who voices Jeanne and Bonnie, stars in the recently released Chinatown Detective Agency and Kraken Academy!! games.

Dislyte has also called upon previous Lillith Games voice actors, like Madison Brunoehler of AFK Arena fame.

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