Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir boss guide - How to defeat and rewards

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Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir Boss fight

If you're looking to know how to beat Fafnir in Final Fantasy 16, you have come across one of the first main bosses where you can go in with a dedicated build. This makes Fafnir a little easier if you know what you are doing, but can be punishing if you aren't prepared.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know to beat Fafnir, from what level you should be to what gear you should have, and how to work around all of its special moves.

How to beat Fafnir boss in Final Fantasy 16

Before you take on the Fafnir boss fight, you want to make sure to check your gear and abilities. Grab as many potions as you possibly can. You can do this from the shop in the Hideaway. As well as this, the arena Fafnir is in is quite noticeable, so make sure to loot all of the potions that appear beforehand. You can hoard potions by playing combat safe.

In Final Fantasy 16, you can only hold a handful of potions at a time, so extra potions will just heal your HP. For the Fafnir fight, you should aim to let potions on the ground heal you, saving your held potions for the fight ahead. As far abilities are concerned, you should aim to upgrade "Rising Flames", a high-damage singular attack.

Fafnir in Final Fantasy 16
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Once you are ready to finally start the fight itself, it is relatively straightforward. Fafnir is a very big creature but this means there is a lot of room to get around it. Generally speaking, the dodges are very fair, meaning you can move past most of its attacks unscathed. You want to get behind Fafnir and hit it there to take down its stagger bar, where you can start using your special moves to get more damage out.

After Fafnir reaches the halfway point, it will use "Spin Cycle", a move that sends it flying around the arena, where it will drop in the middle, leaving room to hit Fafnir again. When you are behind Fafnir, watch out for a tail attack that has a pretty forgiving dodge timing. If you are to its side, Fafnir will land its body weight on you, which is a little harder to avoid. Continue to apply pressure until it falls.


For defeating Fafnir, you will get 28 Experience, 70 Ability Points, 1000 Gil, two Gnarled Scaled, and 40 Wyrrite.

Now that you know how to beat Fafnir, there's still quite a lot to learn in Final Fantasy 16. If you want more, here are the best Final Fantasy 16 weapons, how to solve the Final Fantasy 16 Blacksmith's Blues quest, and how to Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16.

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