How to get World Cup History Makers in FIFA 23

The World Cup trophy against a white background in FIFA 23.

The World Cup trophy against a white background in FIFA 23.

With the World Cup FUT event ongoing, FIFA players are desperate to get some World Cup History Makers in FIFA 23. There are plenty of new special cards to usher in football's most popular competition, such as Road to the World Cup and WC Stories cards. History Makers is the latest promotion coming to the game, so we've got the lowdown on how to get them.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down exactly how you can add a History Makers card to your club. We'll also run through a full list of all the new cards available in this promotion. That way, you can see which ones best fit your team, and try to recruit them accordingly.

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How do I get World Cup History Makers in FIFA 23?

Fortunately, it's really easy to get a World Cup History Makers card in FIFA 23. In fact, unlike most promotional cards, you don't even need to fork over coins or FIFA Points to buy them.

Instead, all you need to do is ensure you play FIFA 23 Ultimate Team between now and January 3. Provided you do so, you'll get a random History Makers card deposited into your club shortly after.

Therefore, it works similar to the exclusive David Beckham card available in FIFA 21. All you had to do was log in before a fixed date to get it, and the same applies with the History Makers promotion.

Virgil van Dijk walking onto the pitch in FIFA 23.
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What are World Cup History Makers in FIFA 23?

As yet another special card type tied to the World Cup, History Makers has a focus on players paving a new path for their country in the current tournament. That ranges from bright young stars like Jude Bellingham to reliable stalwarts like Virgil van Dijk, all with a stat boost to boot.

You'll get a History Makers card for free, between December 23 and January 3, just for playing FIFA 23. These are untradeable but permanent additions to your club. Alongside that you will be granted two loan icons, based on which History Makers card you get.

After you get them, History Makers cards will receive two stat boosts: one on January 13, and one on February 14. Therefore, they can be really handy additions to your club.

Full list of FIFA 23 World Cup History Makers cards

Below is the full list of World Cup History Makers cards, which you'll have a chance of getting once the promotion rolls around. There's no way to predict which ones you'll get, so cross your fingers for a good one. We've also listed the adjoining loan icon card that you'll get alongside the History Makers card in question.

Loan Icon
History Makers card
Zinedine Zidane
Kylian Mbappé
Robin van Persie
Virgil van Dijk
Diego Forlán
Federico Valverde
Luís Figo
João Félix
David Beckham
Jude Bellingham
Rudi Voller
Kai Havertz
Clint Dempsey
Christian Pulisic
Xabi Alonso
Hidetoshi Nakata
Wataru Endo
Michael Essien
Jordan Ayew
Rafael Márquez
Raúl Jiménez
Saudi Arabia
Saeed Al Owairan
Salem al Dawsari

That's it for our look at how to get FIFA 23 World Cup History Makers! For even more on the game, check out how lengthy players work, as well as an overall glance at the FUT World Cup events ongoing in-game.

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