FIFA 23 lengthy players - Best picks and new attribute explained

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Image of Erling Haaland in FIFA 23.
November 16, 2022: The lengthy player meta in FIFA 23 may be over! Check out the details below, with some pretty conclusive evidence.

Are you hearing loads about lengthy players in FIFA 23? It's a term you may have never encountered in the FIFA community before, but with this latest annual entry, lengthy players have become the meta. A new addition thanks to the HyperMotion 2 movement system, it completely changes the pace balance, so you'll want to know all about it when making your team.


In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll explain what lengthy players are, and what makes them better from your average card in the game. We'll also go through a few specific recommendations of the best lengthy players in the game. In total there are over 700 to choose from, so you're bound to find some that fit your team.

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Is the FIFA 23 lengthy meta over?

If social media chatter is to be believed, lengthy players may no longer be the meta in FIFA 23. A new title update went live today, but made no mention to changes to the AcceleRATE mechanic. However, players across social media are complaining that lengthy players are no longer unstoppable when running. The video comparison below definitely supports that:

Therefore, it seems that EA Sports may have quietly nerfed the lengthy sprint type in FIFA 23. It was fun while it lasted, but explosive players now seem to be the most effective.

What are lengthy players in FIFA 23?

Lengthy players are a new form of acceleration attribute in FIFA 23. It all comes from the new HyperMotion 2 mechanics, which have added plenty of new characteristics, animations, and stats.


More specifically, each player in FIFA 23 now has one of three speed attributes. These are explosive, where you start off fast then slow down, controlled, where there's a more consistent but shorter burst of pace, and lengthy. Lengthy players will start off running slowly, before gradually picking up pace and being able to keep going for longer than their counterparts.

As such, it's no surprise that lengthy players are a favourite with players. Employing lengthy strikers, for example, means you can run the length of the pitch without any major drop in pace. Thus, you'll be more likely to outrun defenders and score goals.

When it comes to sheer top speed and efficiency, lengthy players are the best sprinters in FIFA 23. Even if their PAC stat doesn't look that high, their ability to keep running without slowing or tiring is invaluable, especially for strikers and defenders. That's why they're so sought after in FIFA 23.

Image of Virgil van Dijk in FIFA 23.

Best lengthy players in FIFA 23

With well over 700 players in FIFA 23 possessing the lengthy attribute, it can be hard to tell which are the best to look out for. Fortunately, we've gone through them to determine which players with the lengthy attribute are best to use in-game.


Best lengthy defenders in FIFA 23

Player name Position Club
Virgil van DijkCBLiverpool
Rúben DiasCBManchester City
Antonio RüdigerCBReal Madrid
Milan ŠkriniarCBInter Milan
Matthijs de LigtCBBayern Munich
Stefan SavićCBAtlético Madrid
Sergio RamosCBParis Saint-Germain
Raphaël VaraneCBManchester United
Kyle WalkerRBManchester City
Ronald AraujoCBBarcelona

See the table above for our pick of ten brilliant lengthy defenders in FIFA 23. You'll notice a lot of centre-halves and not many full-backs, and that's for a reason. Since LB and RB cards tend to have naturally higher pace, having lengthy CBs means they can also chase attackers without losing track. Lengthy centre-backs will be a huge meta choice in FIFA 23 going forward.

Best lengthy midfielders in FIFA 23

Player name Position Club
CasemiroCDMManchester United
Sergej Milinkovic-SavicCDMLatium
Paul PogbaCMJuventus
Declan RiceCDMWest Ham
Franck KessiéCDMBarcelona
Seko FofanaCDMRC Lens
Ibrahim SangaréCDMPSV
Denis ZakariaCDMChelsea
Geoffery KondogbiaCMAtlético Madrid

As with the list of best lengthy defenders, it's mostly CDMs who benefit from this attribute in FIFA 23. Premier League newcomers Casemiro and Denis Zakaria will be especially useful, able to maintain strong pace when tracking back and protecting your defence. There are also more technically minded midfielders like Paul Pogba, who can run for a long distance while also stringing together passes.

Best lengthy attackers in FIFA 23

Player name Position Club
Erling HaalandSTManchester City
Romelu LukakuSTInter Milan
Dušan VlahovicSTJuventus
Duván ZapataSTAtalanta BC
Marko ArnautovićSTBologna
Tammy AbrahamSTAS Roma
Moussa DembeléCFOlymique Lyon
Dominic Calvert-LewinSTEverton
Gianluca ScamaccaSTWest Ham

It won't come as a surprise, but many of the world's best strikers make it on our list of lengthy attackers. Erling Haaland is no surprise, given his incredible pace despite his tall stature. We chose to omit some lengthy players like Harry Kane, purely due to his low acceleration. Even though he can sprint consistently for a while, he'll never be fast enough to pose a threat while running.


How do I make players lengthy in FIFA 23?

One thing to note is that not every player in FIFA 23 can become lengthy. They'll need a specific few stats to be compatible with this sprinting attribute in the first place.

More precisely, the player needs at least 65 strength, 55 acceleration, be over 174cm in height. Then, if they aren't already lengthy, give them the Architect chemistry style. This boosts passing and physical stats, and will passively give the player in question the lengthy attribute.

That's it for our look at lengthy players in FIFA 23! Once you know all about how this new attribute works, you'll be outrunning opponents in no time. While you're here, feel free to also check out our TOTW 3 predictions, alongside a guide on how to score power shots!