FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - Foundations 3 SBC solutions

Image of players walking onto the pitch in FIFA 23.

Image of players walking onto the pitch in FIFA 23.

Want some help with the FIFA 23 Foundations 3 SBC group? The last of the introductory squad building challenges is by far the most difficult, and you'll need plenty of fodder in your squad to stand a chance of solving it. To hep out a little bit, we've got some tips on how to solve all four of them.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll go through all four of the Foundations 3 SBCs in the game. That's on top of the requirements to solve them, and the rewards you get for doing so. With plenty of gold packs along the way, completing them is a good method to bolster your club depth early on.

Elsewhere, check out some FIFA 23 ratings to see which players have snagged an upgrade this year. We've also got a look at the web app, which is live now, and the imminent closure of the beta, as we approach the game's launch.

Image of the Foundations 3 Defensive Development SBC in FIFA 23.
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Defensive Development SBC solution

  • Requirements: Three bronze CB cards with one chemistry each
  • Rewards: Gold pack

This is probably the easiest and cheapest SBC within the Foundations 3 objectives. All you need is three bronze CBs from the same nation, but crucially they can only have one chemistry each. Therefore, you'll need at least one of them to be from a different league. Choosing bronze English players is an easy route due to the bronzes that populate League One and League Two.

Image of the 'A Better Buildup' SBC in FIFA 23.
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A Better Buildup SBC solution

  • Requirements: Two bronze CM cards and a CDM card, all with one chemistry each
  • Rewards: Gold pack

Again, this isn't the hardest challenge of all, simply requiring three players of the same nation once again, with two leagues between them. We went for Spanish players, grabbing two from La Liga and one from La Liga Smartbank.

Advancing Attack SBC solution

  • Requirements: One bronze LW, one bronze ST, and one bronze RW, all with one chemistry each
  • Rewards: Gold pack
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Again, this one isn't too hard provided you've got enough players from one country. As with the first SBC of this lot, you can't go wrong with England due to the range of leagues with bronze players. It may set you back a few thousand coins, but it isn't too much work.

Multi League and Nation SBC solution

  • Requirements: Five players, maximum three from the same nation and maximum three from the same league, with at least 6 chemistry total
  • Rewards: Premium gold pack

If you're plodding through the Foundations SBCs, this will be your toughest challenge so far. Since the new chemistry system doesn't rely on positional links, you'll need to plan quite deeply to hit the six chemistry.

We recommend taking three Premier League players, with one English player and two others from a nation of your choosing. Then fill the other two slots with English players outside of the Premier League, and you should hit the chemistry requirement.

What do I get for completing the FIFA 23 Foundations 3 SBC group?

For completing the Foundations 3 SBCs, you'll get a Two Rare Gold Players Pack. It isn't much considering the level of challenge inherent in these squad builders, but there's always the fleeting chance of you getting a high-rated player.

Sadly, there are no further Foundations SBCs to unlock after this one. Once it's done you'll have to turn to some of the other builders in the game, including the weekly Marquee Matchups series, and gold, silver, and bronze upgrades.

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