FIFA 23 Title Update 1 patch notes - all changes and gameplay tweaks

Image of Ajax players in FIFA 23

Image of Ajax players in FIFA 23

The new FIFA game is out now, but players are already prepared for FIFA 23 Title Update 1. This is the first post-launch patch for the game, which is here to iron out any noticeable problems that have emerged since launch.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the upcoming Title Update 1. That includes all the patch notes for the new update, alongside when the update first released, and how you can install it to access all of those new tweaks.

Elsewhere, we've got plenty of other FIFA guides to check out. Read up on some of the top player ratings, to see whether your favourites have gone up or down this year. We've also got a guide to the web app, which is live now for you to start trading.

FIFA 23 Title Update 1 patch notes

The FIFA 23 Title Update 1 patch notes are as follows:

  • Addressed a number of the following error message instances seen by players when attempting to launch the title:
    • “Failure to update process.”
    • “Can’t start system service.”
    • “The application has encountered an unrecoverable error.”
  • Improved a stability issue that could occur when a device with force feedback was plugged into the PC while playing the title.

As you can tell, they're all fairly minor changes. Rather than switching around the meta or even gameplay, Title Update 1 is focused purely on removing error messages from the experience.

However, future updates could bring a lot of gameplay changes. The new Power Shot mechanic is widely considered to be hugely OP, with goals going in from all sorts of distance. Therefore, don't be surprised if they're nerfed a little with the new update.

On top of that, players with the lengthy sprinting attribute are also at the top of the new meta. Considering they can currently outpace players with a higher PAC stat, they could well be due a reduction too.

Image of Leeds United players celebrating in FIFA 23
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When is the FIFA 23 Title Update 1 release date?

FIFA 23 Title Update 1 released on October 4, 2022 for PC players, with it coming to console in a few days time. The announcement was a fairly low-key one, with the FIFA Direct Communication page tweeting this out:

EA Sports tends to confirm Title Updates on release date on the day, leaving players with little time to prepare. Expect even more updates to come very soon, given the game has been out for almost a week now.

How do I get FIFA 23 Title Update 1?

Fortunately, you don't need to do anything special to install FIFA 23 Title Update 1. The update occurs automatically the first time you boot up the EA servers in-game after releasing. You'll have a brief but extra wait while logging in, at which point any changes take place.

There will also be a brief waiting period when booting up Ultimate Team, but other than that you won't need to do anything special to snag yourself Title Update 1. It's a practically automatic process.

That's it for our look at FIFA 23 Title Update 1! With the minor tweak out now, you can get about diving back into the game with those issues resolved. For even more on FIFA, check out all the OTW cards out now, as well as a guide on how to griddy as a celebration.

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