FIFA 23 - How to get FGS Swaps tokens

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Image of the FIFA 23 Global Series logo.

Annual followers of competitive FIFA will no doubt be familiar with FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 23. However, if you stick to the gameplay side of things rather than the esports side, there's a good chance you may not know what they are. As such, we're here to clear things up, giving you a few ways to bag some extra packs.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about FGS Swaps tokens. That includes what they are, as well as how you can get them into your club, and the sort of items you can use these special tokens to redeem. With plenty of freebies up for grabs, it's definitely something FIFA fans will want to look into.

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How do I get FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 23?

FGS Swaps tokens are special player tokens you earn by watching a fixed amount of the FIFA Global Series competition. These tokens are granted via Twitch drops from the official EA Sports Twitch channel, with each one offered on a different day of the competition.

By watching the set amount of competitive FIFA in the livestream, you'll get one new FGS Swaps token added to your account. These are like other player tokens in the game, usually represented as a 60-69 OVR player designed solely to be used in SBCs.

Of course, before you get the FGS Swaps tokens, you'll need to ensure your Twitch account is properly linked to your EA Sports account. Otherwise, you could watch it for hours and still get no rewards.

When it's all linked up, it's simply a matter of waiting until EA Sports Cup events are on Twitch, and tuning in. They take place every Monday from October 17 to December 5. After that, they occur on January 16, January 18, and January 21.

Image of four footballers in FIFA 23.
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What can I use FGS Swaps tokens for in FIFA 23?

Once the EA Sports Cup events begin, a series of FGS Swaps SBCs will appear in FIFA 23. There are a total of 25 tokens up for grabs this year, and as such a bunch of SBCs you can put them in to snag extra packs. Even better, all of the SBCs are repeatable, provided you have more tokens to use. The rewards are as follows:

Pack name Token requirements
Premium Gold Pack1 token
Premium Gold Players Pack2 tokens
Prime Gold Players Pack3 tokens
Jumbo Rare Players Pack4 tokens

As such, it's your choice whether to save up the tokens to snag a Jumbo Rare Players Pack, or to use them for plenty of weekly Premium Gold Packs. Just remember that if you claim all 25, they're one-time use only. Make your choice wisely!

That's it for our look at FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 23! As you can see, they're a valuable asset if used right, as a great way to get some extra packs free of charge. For even more on the game, we've got a list of all the different packs you can get, as well as our choices of the best Career Mode wonderkids!

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