How to get the FFXIV Sponge Silkie minion

The FFXIV Sponge Silkie minion from the Sponge Silkie Whistle item.

Wondering how to get the FFXIV Sponge Silkie minion? Read on. With another content drop comes another new fuzzy friend to welcome to the fold. Whether you're looking to let it loose on your Island Sanctuary, sit it atop your head, or just have it be another number to your ever-growing list of captured critters, you'll want to get the FFXIV Silkie while it's still the hot new thing.

Below, we'll do our best to guide you on your way to getting your own FFXIV Silkie minion. It's a cut little vermin that's hardly the first of its kind, but this new Sponge Silkie is your reward for trying out one of the game's freshest ideas in a hot minute. It's worth seeking out.

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How to get the FFXIV Sponge Silkie minion

According to the masses, who've tirelessly collected tales from each other, getting the FFXIV Silkie minion means running the new A Sil'dihn Sub-terrain dungeon. That's the new Variant Dungeon for anyone who hasn't been paying attention.

This unique instance is unlike your typical duty, instead taking cues from Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High, only instead of being a journey hundreds of floors deep, it's one big area with complex puzzles, winding paths, and progress wipes for those who fail to make it to the end.

Getting your own FFXIV Silkie minion doesn't require completion of A Sil'dihn Sub-terrain, but it does require making your way through at least some of it. That's because the Sponge Silkie is found in chests in this new dungeon.

Getting a Sponge Silkie essentially boils down to luck. Like most minion drops in content, they're far from guarenteed, so while some might get lucky and see a Silkie drop in their first chest, others could open 100 to no avail.

The FFXIV Sponge Silkie minion.
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Is there another way to get the Sponge Silkie minion in FFXIV?

If you don't want to brave A Sil'dihn Sub-terrain, there is another way to get your very own Silkie minion - cold hard cash (or Gil).

The Sponge Silkie can be traded, meaning it's fetching a pretty penny on the market boards across the game right now. Like just about any new minion, though, a good portion of the playerbase will be working to get their own in the early days, causing the prices of the critters to start high and quickly work their way down.

You can buy it while the item is hot, but waiting tends to be the best bet. Eventually, minions like this can drop to five-figure costs within the first week. But because they're still ultimately locked behind tricky content with little replay value, there will come a time where the boards are empty, supply has dried up, and any more Sponge Silkies acquired will fetch good money again.

So, for that, it's important that you buy the FFXIV Sponge Silkie as soon as you can reasonably afford it. You could save some money by waiting, but you can never be sure when prices will start to rise again.

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