FFXIV - How to get the Ear Wiggle emote

The Ear Wiggle emote used by three Lalafell in FFXIV.

The Ear Wiggle emote used by three Lalafell in FFXIV.
October 25, 2023: We've updated our guide about how to get the Ear Wiggle emote in FFXIV.

Life will never be the same until you learn how to get the Ear Wiggle emote in FFXIV. Added in patch 6.35, it's one of the most adorable of the lot. And although it was added close to Easter, it isn't part of the event, which means it isn't a time-limited item you'll be expected to pay for this time next year if you miss out. You can't miss it.

Down below, you'll find out exactly how to get the Ear Wiggle emote and add it to your collect. Surprisingly, it isn't just a Fashion Accessory item with a built-in emote. You can use it whenever, and wherever you please, meaning there's no chance of it being locked out because of your character's gender.

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How to get the Ear Wiggle emote in FFXIV

The Ear Wiggle emote isn't locked behind a Fashion Accessory or a limited-time event. Instead, it's a reward from the Loporrit Tribal quest chain. That means you'll need to be level 90 and have completed the entire 6.0 Endwalker storyline.

Then, and only then, will you be able to unlock the Loporrit Tribal Quests required for the Ear Wiggle emote. It's a greeting for them, so it makes sense that you'll learn their customs as you help them essentially set up a rave on the moon.

As for exactly when you'll get the emote, that's hard to say. It's expected to be a Max Rank reward for those who diligently complete Daily Tribal Quests to get to that point. It should become available in the Loporrit Tribal Quest vendor at that point for an undisclosed number of Loporrit Carats.

A Viera using the /earwiggle Loporrit emote in FFXIV.
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Can Viera use the Ear Wiggle emote?

Of course Viera can use the Ear Wiggle emote. It just won't look great. Because the emote spawns Loporrit ears on the user to 'wiggle', Viera will end up with a second pair of tall ears when used.

This is true for any race with ears on the top of their heads, but the taller ear options of the playable bunnies won't magically move with the emote. Instead, they'll use the borrowed Loporrit ears like any other when they trigger the /earwiggle command. You can see an example of this in the image above from Reddit user Velthice.

How to use the Ear Wiggle emote

To use the Ear Wiggle emote, just type /earwiggle into your chat box and press enter. Remember to disable the emote chat log from the Emote window if you won't want to spam the chat with repeated uses.

You can also drag the emote text from the emote window onto your hotbar for easy access to the Ear Wiggle emote when you unlock it.

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