How to get the Close Shave hairstyle in FFXIV - 6.35 Modern Aesthetics A Close Shave location

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The A Close Shave hairstyle in FFXIV.
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Need to know how to get the Close Shave hairstyle in FFXIV? Read on. No FFXIV patch is complete without a cool new hairstyle to collect. Without grabbing the latest edition of Modern Aesthetics like it's a magazine, you won't be able to select the 'A Close Shave' hairstyle as the new do for your character at the Aesethtician. Here's how to get it.

Like any hairstyle unlock in past FFXIV patches, the Modern Aesthetics - A Close Shave is bound to be a little tricky to obtain at release. It's been a while since a hairystle was practically free at the Gold Saucer, and with us not knowing how to grab it for hours after the release of its relevant patch, that's enough to suggest it'll be a hot market board item when it's discovered.


We'll have a lot of other guides up for FFXIV 6.35 soon. In the meantime, check out the 6.35 quest locations guide if you're missing any unlocks. We even have a Fashion Report guide we update weekly if you need an easy boost to your MGP.

How to get the Close Shave hairstyle in FFXIV 6.35

We're currently not 100 percent sure how to get the Modern Aesthetics - A Close Shave hairstyle unlock just yet. Added in FFXIV 6.35, it hasn't been the main focus on Warriors of Light trying desperately to appease the Loporrits or delve deep into Eureka Orthos.

What we think will happen, though, is that the Modern Aesthetics - A Close Shave item will be discovered in the Accursed Hoard - a lootbox obtained in Eureka Orthos much like previous Deep Dungeon content.


If it works similarly to the ones in The Forbidden Land, Eureka, the Accursed Hoard will have a low chance of dropping mounts, minions, gear, Triple Triad cards, Orchestrion Rolls and, most likely, the Modern Aesthetics - A Close Shave FFXIV 6.35 hairstyle, too. We just need someone to get lucky and grab the drop before we can be sure.

If not there, it could drop at the end of the current Manderville relic weapon quest chain. It could also be the reward for hitting floor 100 in Eureka Orthos for all we know. There is a quest for that.

Either way, we'll be sure to update this page once someone finally discovers where the FFXIV 6.35 hairstyle is waiting.

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