How to watch the 2023 FFXIV Fan Fest stream - Las Vegas keynote stream links

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The stage for the 2023 FFXIV Fan Fest keynote stream.

Wondering how to watch the 2023 FFXIV Fan Fest keynote stream? A new FFXIV expansion is set to be announced in late July in Las Vegas, putting a timer over the head of the Endwalker storyline. A new expansion announcement is the most exciting time of the game’s schedule, and with the official channels sometimes making it hard to find the correct time, date, and link, we’re stepping in to help.

The Fan Fest keynote is the first event planned for the 2023 Fan Fest in North America. It always is. Designed to kick off two days of activities, panels, and meetups, it’s where the biggest FFXIV game news of the past two years is typically announced. At least in part. With more details spread out to hype up the events in London and Tokyo as we inch closer to the release date.

How do I watch the 2023 FFXIV Fan Fest keynote stream?

You can watch the keynote stream for the 2023 FFXIV Fan Fest event either via YouTube, Twitch or, if you want a bit of themed furniture around the screen as you do, via the dedicated website.

That last one still runs through YouTube, so hit up the Twitch link as a backup you end up having problems. We even have it embedded here if you don’t want to go chasing down other services.

What time is the FFXIV Fan Fest keynote stream? - 7.0 stream countdown

FFXIV Las Vegas Fan Fest keynote


With Fan Fest taking place in Las Vegas, the time of the stream will differ wildly from that of the traditional live letter events that take place from the development team’s studio in Japan. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Friday, July 28 - 4pm UTC
  • Friday, July 28 - 5pm GMT
  • Friday, July 28 - 10am PDT
  • Saturday, July 29 - 3am AEST

If you need a different time zone, a converter like World Time Buddy can help. Or just rely on the timer up above. It adjusts according to your system clock. So if your device is telling the right time, it should too.

Is the FFXIV Fan Fest stream free to watch?

Yes, you can watch the FFXIV Fan Fest keynote stream for free. You’ll be able to tune in to watch the expansion announcement with everyone else, regardless of ticket status.

What will get announced during the 2023 FFXIV Fan Fest keynote stream?

Without fail, previous Fan Fest keynote streams have been used to announce the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion.

Because the events happen roughly every other year, with expansions having a two-year lifespan, it’s relatively safe to assume the same is set to hold true for the 2023 event. This is your first chance for FF14 7.0 news.

Because Fan Fest events take place in other areas of the world leading up to the launch of the expansion, it’s always worth tempering expectations.


Expansion details are typically spread out to make each event worth watching, so while we’ll get a name for the expansion and the general setting and story, further details like areas, characters, bosses, and classes, can be held back.

We’ll update this page with links for the follow-up events when the time comes.

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