Fae Farm platforms - Is it coming to PS5 and Xbox?

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Fae Farm farm plants

Fae Farm is the upcoming farming simulator from indie game studio Phoenix Labs. The game features a standard cutesy art style characteristic of similar games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. If you're looking for a similarly peaceful farming experience, then Fae Farm might be what you need. In that case, you should definitely learn about all the Fae Farm platforms.

Since the game is being developed by an indie studio, they might not be able to launch it on every modern platform. For example, the availability of Fae Farm on PS5 or Fae Farm on Xbox has been a fairly confusing topic. So, let's check out everything we know about the currently confirmed and upcoming Fae Farm platforms, so you know what you can play it on.

Also, check more Fae Farm information regarding its release date and all the pre-order bonuses. We've also got a look at whether the game has multiplayer.

What platforms is Fae Farm on?

Fae Farm is currently confirmed for release on the Nintendo Switch and PC. This puts it in direct competition with games like Animal Crossing. However, we also have confirmation that Fae Farm will release on Microsoft Windows and be available for PC gamers. This likely means that Fae Farm will also be available on the Steam Deck.

A player-designed bedroom in Fae Farm.
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Is Fae Farm on PlayStation 5?

The Fae Farm release on the PS5, or any PlayStation for that matter, has not been confirmed yet. This might be due to budget constraints on Phoenix Studios. As an indie studio, they might not have the resources to port Fae Farm on the PS5. We'll have to wait and see if the game manages to bring in enough revenue to justify a PS5 port.

Is Fae Farm on Xbox?


Fae Farm on Xbox might be a totally different story, however. This is because the game is already available on Microsoft Windows. As such, we might end up seeing an Xbox port for Fae Farm pretty soon. In fact, Fae Farm might eventually even be added to Xbox Game Pass one day - we'll have to wait and see!

That's all we know about the Fae Farm platforms so far. While you're here, also check out if Fae Farm has crossplay, and be sure to read our review.

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