What are the Fae Farm pre order bonuses?

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Fae Farm - garden birdhouse and garden bench perks that come with pre ordering a copy of the video game

With Fae Farm edging closer to its global release, check out our Fae Farm pre order bonuses guide for players who want to know what they’ll get by purchasing the game early.

Fae Farm looks to be one of 2023’s most enthralling RPGs, as it features a captivating art style for its characters and locations, not to mention its in-depth combat options and full-blown character customisation that makes you really feel at home within the game world. If you decide to take the plunge by ordering a copy for yourself before its official release, then you automatically qualify for a number of extra perks which we’re now going to discuss.

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What are the Fae Farm pre order bonuses?

Should you pre-order a copy of Fae Farm, you will be rewarded with a Cosy Cabin Variety Pack that includes the following items:

  • Garden bench
  • Garden birdhouse
  • Farmhouse wallpaper
  • Farmhouse rug
  • Farmhouse flooring
  • Animal portrait
  • The Cosy Cabin outfit

Such a cosmetic bonus is great, because it really provides the impetus for you to make your home feel like a paradise of comfort. You’ll be able to customise the outfit of your in-game character and decorate your homestead in a special way.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that this bonus is available for both digital and physical pre-orders. So, it doesn’t really matter what method you decide to buy the game with before its official launch.

How to pre order Fae Farm

You can purchase the Fae Farm video game early on PC by visiting the Steam or Epic Games online stores.

Alternatively, if you want to pre order via Nintendo Switch directly, you can do so by visiting their dedicated eShop.

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