Fae Farm multiplayer - Is there local co-op?

fae farm multiplayer showcasing two characters on a beach date

fae farm multiplayer showcasing two characters on a beach date

Are you wondering whether there is Fae Farm multiplayer or a local co-op mode? Well, we've got the answer! Fae Farm is one of the hottest farming RPGs coming out this year, as its world of magical enchantment and homestead-building is a massive draw for players all around the world.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy games with a bunch of real-life friends all from the comfort of one screen, then keep this browser tab open. We'll break down whether there's multiplayer in Fae Farm, and if that extends to a form of local co-op.

Should you be on the lookout for more information about the upcoming Fae Farm release, then feel free to read our release time countdown article for this game. We've also got a guide on whether Fae Farm is crossplay.

Fae Farm - multiplayer mode showcasing 4 angel characters running across a magical bridge
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Is there multiplayer in Fae Farm?

The good news is that Fae Farm does have multiplayer, with traditional co-op for up to four people. So, you can play this game with friends all from the comfort of your couch, provided you can establish a local wireless connection.

Here’s what the Nintendo eShop page says about multiplayer for this game:

You can play on your own or with up to [three] of your friends online or over local wireless. Share your progression, build a farm together where everyone’s efforts count and support each other through the quests and challenges of the world around you.

You can join each other’s worlds within this type of multiplayer mode, as well as do other things like:

  • Interact with the farm, water, and plants
  • Grow crops together
  • Take turns chopping down trees
  • Complete quests together
  • Interact with vibrant NPCs

This sort of immersion in multiplayer mode is what sets Fae Farm apart from some other competing RPGs. All in all, Fae Farm supports local wireless co-op for up to a total of four people.

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