How to get XP fast in EA Sports FC 24

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EA Sports FC 24 Vinicius Jr setting up a shot in front of goal
Credit: EA

Knowing how to get XP fast in EA Sports FC 24 is a surefire way of getting your hands on plenty of content without having to spend thousands of coins on the EA Sports FC 24 transfer market.

Ranging from coin boosts to high-rated Ultimate Team players, there are plenty of rewards up for grabs by earning XP. But, the better rewards may require plenty of grinding in order to unlock them.

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How to earn EA Sports FC 24 XP fast

There are several ways to earn XP quickly in EA Sports FC 24 which are bound to come in handy if there are some valuable packs and players up for grabs. Here are just a few useful methods you can use to your advantage each season.

Completing objectives

By completing any objective that's on offer, there's always some kind of XP reward. These objectives will usually slot into these categories:

  • Seasonal objectives
  • Milestones
  • Foundations
  • Teams

In addition to the objectives in the four categories above, there are also daily objectives to complete. It's worth noting that these refresh every 24 hours so make sure you complete them to earn the maximum amount of XP.

EA Sports FC players wearing green Nike kit with EAFC logo on the front
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Credit: EA

Objectives range from playing Ultimate Team matches, trading items on the transfer market, or completing a specific number of SBCs.

EA Sports FC 24 XP rewards

At the time of writing, the first batch of EA Sports FC 24 XP rewards haven't appeared yet. As soon as the first season kicks off, we'll update the guide with a full list of items you can earn by earning XP and completing objectives.


We expect rewards to range from coin boosts, cosmetic items for your stadiums, and players that feature as part of promos.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about how to get XP fast in EA Sports FC 24. For more, check out the best young players in Career Mode and the top 100 player ratings for Ultimate Team.

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